Belated Veterans Day Rememberances!

I know that  Veterans Day is passed but I still would like to remember the members of the McCormack family that have served in one of the branches of the U.S. military.

Last Name, First & Mid Name                                  Branch/Rank

Addy, Robert Orrin                                                         Army
Asprin, Robert Lynn                                                        Army
Bird, Paul Lloyd                                                        Navy/Cmdr.
Crozier, Robert Charles                                                  Army
Dorstewitz, Edward James                                             Army
Ellis, Scott Kennedy                                                     Army/Sgt.
Ford, Jeffrey Frederick                                                 Army/Sp4
Ford, William McCormack                                            Army/Cpt.
Ingleright, Leon Ray                                                    Marines/1Lt.
Knudsen, Joshua Travis                                                Army/Cpt
Lowney, Chad Michael                                                    Marines
Lowney, Chester John                                                    Air Force
McCormack, Duane Harold                                                Army
McCormack, Gerald “Bum/Mac” Milton                Navy Reserve/Ensign
McCormack, Maurice LeRoy “Doc”                                   Army
McCormack, Michael Alan                                                 Army
McCormack, Robert Michael                           Army (Air Corps)/Air Force/Cpt.
McCormack, William “Bill” D.                                     Merchant Marines
McCormack, Sr., James Archer                                          Navy
Platt, Stephen Justin                                                       Army/Major
Tougeron, Raymond Louis                                                  Navy
Waltz, Bruce Charles                                                      Marines/Sgt
Waltz, Charles Wayne                                                       Air Force

Thank you to the above men and their families for their service and sacrifice. Some of the above men saw the ultimate horror of war while others, like myself, served in a peacetime military and never fired a shot in anger. Fortunately, none of the men listed died in war or were a POW.

Thanks again to those that have served!

I hope you have learned something!

Veterans Day – Paul Bird

For Veterans Day, I would like to write about one of my many McCormack relatives that served in some capacity in the US military. The relative that I would like to tell you about is Navy Commander Paul L. Bird. Paul was my second cousin once removed. His grandfather, Henry McCormack and my great-grandfather, William E. McCormack were brothers.

Commander Paul Lloyd Bird

Commander Paul L. Bird

Paul entered the Navy in 1957 and retired from active duty in 1981 after 24 years with the rank of Commander. One of his early duty stations was the U.S.S. Forrestal, CV-59. Sometime later, he transferred to Navy Air. I think that Navy Air refers to the Naval Air Systems Command. 

One of his duties in the Navy was as a flight officer coordinating activities on the P-3 Orion aircraft. The P-3s were used for ASW (anit-submarine warfare)…hunting enemy submarines.[1]

He later taught this skill to Navy reservists and served as Officer in Charge of the Reserve Anti-submarine Warfare School at Willow Grove, PA. it was at this duty station that he met and married his second wife, Virginia “Ginny” Stevenson Komas. They were married in October 1974.

Paul was later transferred to NAF (Naval Air Facility) at Selfridge ANG Base near Detroit, MI where he served as executive officer.

Paul’s next and last transfer was to Toledo, Ohio where he was Commanding Officer for the reserve training facility there. He retired from the Navy at the end of his tour in Toledo.

Some of Paul’s earlier duty stations included Norfolk, VA and Jacksonville, FL.

Though not a veteran of active wars (although he did serve during the Vietnam War), he was a ‘cold war’ veteran searching for Russian subs during that time.

An interesting note relating to Paul’s service was a story that his wife relayed to me in a FB message [2];

An interesting memory of mine was a trip we took to Europe. It was the last trip we took together before he died. During a cruise ship stop in St. Petersburg , Russia he encountered Russian soldiers and sailors. Much different than finding their submarines….how times have changed!

Unfortunately, Paul died in late 2006 of pancreatic cancer which prevented me from ever meeting him. He is buried in Elam Cemetery in Melrose, Florida.[3]

I would like to thank Paul’s widow, Virginia “Ginny” Stevenson Komas for all the information and the picture concerning her late husband.

Thank you, cousin Paul for your dedicated 24 years of service!



2. FB message from Ginny Bird 22 Oct 2014


Happy Birthday Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette McCormack!

Today, November 3rd, is the birthday of Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette McCormack Waltz.

Gertrude "Betty" J. McCormack Waltz

Gertrude “Betty” J. McCormack

Betty was born on 3 Nov 1917 in Sparks, Nevada to Henry Peacock McCormack and Ethel Davis. Her actual first name was Gertrude which I believe was in honor of her grandmother, Gertrude Peacock McCormack. She would have been 97 years old if she lived. On 29 Jan 1940, she married Charles Wayne Waltz, the love of her life. She and Charles had 4 children and of those four children, three are still alive. Betty is survived by three grandsons, three granddaughters, four great-grandsons and four great-granddaughters.

Betty is my second cousin once removed.

Happy Birthday, cousin Betty!

Belated October McCormack Birthdays!

I know that it is November, but I still wanted to remember the following people because if you are forgotten you are truly dead and I don’t want these people to be forgotten.

Here are the October birthdays that happened in the McCormack family.

Last Name First & Mid Name        Birth Date                    Birth Place

Boston Mildred Francis                 2 Oct 1933                   Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Mildred was the first wife of Maurice L. McCormack, great grandson of Michael.

Woodbury Amos Lynn                   3 Oct 1880                   Somewhere in Ohio
Amos was the second husband of Grace Ellen McCormack Coon, the first granddaughter of Michael and Catherine.

Roys Lura Grace                               6 Oct 1858                   Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan
Lura was the first wife of William E. McCormack and also the mother of Grace Ellen.

McCormack Delilah Elizabeth      13 Oct 1854                 Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Delilah was the second child and first daughter of Michael and Catherine.

Waltz Charles Wayne                     23 Oct 1918                  Dent Twp., San Joaquin County, California
Charles was the husband of Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette McCormack, great granddaughter of Michael and Catherine.

McCormack William “Bill” D.        26 Oct 1925                   Reno, Washoe County, Nevada
William was the the sixth child and fifth son of Henry Peacock McCormack (grandson of Michael and Catherine.)

McCormack Arthur                         26 Oct 1890                  Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Arthur was son of Arthur (Sr.) McCormack, sixth child and fifth son of Michael and Catherine. I some reason to believe that Arthur (Jr.) was either stillborn or died the day he was born.

Happy belated birthday to all!

Happy Birthday, Delilah McCormack Addy!

Today is Deliliah (McCormack) Addy’s birthday! She would be 160 years old! Deliliah was born on 13 Oct 1854 in Kentucky. My connection to her is through my great grandfather, William. William was her older brother. That would make her my great grandaunt. I have some information that suggests she was born in or near Harrodsburg, KY where her parents (Michael and Catherine) were staying with her mother’s brother, William Payne. She was married on 19  Apr 1881 in Ypsilanti, Michigan to Smith Addy. Deliliah and Smith would have six children but unfortunately only two would live to adulthood. She and Smith would live for a while in Janesville, Wisconsin, then in Montmorency County, Michigan and finally in Schenectady, New York. On 18 Mar 1905, Deliliah would become ill and unfortunately die much too young. She is buried in Otter Lake, Michigan. I don’t have any pictures of her, but I would like to think that she was as pretty as her younger sister, Katherine (named after her mother). Her granddaughter gave me the Reunion picture taken at my great-grandfather’s house in Otter Lake.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Deliliah! (I hope I am spelling your name right!)

September Birthdays!

I know that it is pretty late to list the McCormack family September birthdays, but as they say, better late than never!

Last Name            First & Mid Name            Birth Date

Barnes                           Charles Eli                 Sep 1866  (husband of Maria “Minnie” McCormack)
McCormack                    Michael                  1 Sep 1824
Hassell                        Jewel Beatrice           4 Sep 1923  (wife of Robert Michael McCormack)
Davlin                        Kathleen Anne           7 Sep 1956  (wife of R. Tougeron)
McCormack                  Lucille May             8 Sep 1896  (first daughter of Henry McCormack)
Barnes                        Charles Arthur          9 Sep 1901  (second son of Minnie McCormack and Charles Barnes)
Bird                                   Paul Lloyd            9 Sep 1935  (son of Edith Marie McCormack)
Palmer                               Dudley B.          14 Sep 1900  (husband of Lura M. McCormack daughter of Edward McCormack)
Ford                             Richard Curtis        15 Sep 1937  (son of Alta McCormack and Aubrey Ford)
Ellingham                            Roy D.              21 Sep 1895  (husband of Lura Coon daughter of Grace Ellen McCormack)
McCormack                Ethel Rebecca       23 Sep 1928  (daughter of Henry Peacock McCormack)
McCormack                Dorothy Ellen       26 Sep 1940  (daughter of Henry Davis McCormack)
Ingleright                        Leon Ray            30 Sep 1870  (husband of Katherine Fidelia McCormack daughter of Michael McCormack)

Happy belated birthday to most and happy birthday to the rest!

Happy Birthday, Michael McCormack!

Today, if Michael McCormack had lived, he would be 190 years old! Whew! To be brief, Michael was born, as best as I know, in Ireland in Sep 1824 and he died in Otter Lake, Michigan on 24 Nov 1912.

Michael McCormack

Michael McCormack

I got the above picture from my third cousin, John Michael McCormack (this isn’t Michael’s son John Michael) and his book, “A Narrative History The McCormack & Heaton Families” published in 2006.

For further reading on Michael and his life, I have gathered the following posts;

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The Beginning

There maybe a few more that I didn’t find but I think I have given you a very good start onto the life and times of Michael McCormack. I thought I would include a few “fun” facts about Michael. He had 10 children, 7 sons and 3 daughters. He had 11 grandsons and 16 granddaughters. He has 18 great-grandsons and 16 great-granddaughters. He has 49 great-great-grandsons and 38 great-great-granddaughters. He has 62 great-great-great-grandsons and 49 great-great-great-granddaughters. He has 35 great-great-great-great-grandsons and 36 great-great-great-great-granddaughters. Finally, Michael has 3 great-great-great-great-great-grandsons and 1 great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter. I think that I am fairly accurate in most of those numbers.

I think Michael lived a pretty extraordinary life. He was born in Ireland, where English wasn’t the native language. He emigrated to the United States with his bride, Catherine and his newly born son,William. They landed in New Orleans, traveled up the Mississippi Valley to Kentucky where his first daughter was born. For some reason, they moved to London, Ontario, Canada and lived there for about 5 or 6 years. After that , he moved his growing family to Ypsilanti, Michigan. From there, he tried farming in northern Michigan somewhere near Mio. From there he moved south to live with his son, William (my great-grandfather).

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you learn something. Happy Birthday, great-great-grandfather Michael!