Happy Birthday, William E. McCormack!

Wednesday would have been William E. McCormack, my great-grandfather’s birthday. He was born on 9 July 1853 in Kilkenny, Ireland. He would have been 161 years old!
His parents were Michael (M.) McCormack and Catherine Payne Steele. Shortly after his birth, he and his parents left Ireland via Liverpool, I believe, for the United States of America. For some unknown reason, they arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana.

William E. McCormack

William E. McCormack [1]

After a short stint in Kentucky and then in London, Ontario, Canada, William grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan. When he was about 30 years old, he married Lura Grace Roys. Unfortunately, she died in 1895. They had one child, Grace Ellen McCormack. He then married my great-grandmother, Lavina Jane Hemingway in 1897.

Lavina Jane (Hemingway) McCormack

Lavina Jane (Hemingway) McCormack

They had three children, Merle, Alta (my grandmother) and Ruth.

Merle, Ruth and Alta

Merle, Ruth and Alta

I believe sometime in the 1880s, William built one of the finest house in the small village of Otter Lake, Michigan.

The William McCormack House in Otter Lake

The William McCormack House in Otter Lake

It still stands today but not in the magnificent shape that my great-grandfather initially built it. I am sure that I might be forgetting something since I am writing this at 4 am, but William was at times, a general/hardware store owner, a postmaster and probably many other things in Otter Lake.

William McCormack in front of his house in Otter Lake

William McCormack in front of his house in Otter Lake

The above photo is one of my favorite picture of William E. McCormack. Happy belated Birthday, great-grandfather!

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May Birthday announcements!

These are the birthdays of the McCormack family that occurred in the month of May. Yes, I know I am late. Very late in fact! Such as been my work schedule! But I digress! I would love to give each of these people a separate post describing briefly their life. Before I had a chance to meet any of these people, each of these people sadly passed away except for Violet.

Happy Birthday to all!

Name                                                         Date of birth                   Place of birth

Addy, Katie S.                                          31 May 1887                   Janesville, Wisconsin
Katie was the daughter of Delilah Elizabeth McCormack and Smith Addy. Sadly, Katie would not live dying as an infant at her Uncle Edward farm in northern Michigan.

Ingleright, Violet Cassie                       10 May 1901                   Rose City, Michigan
Vi was the eldest child and only daughter of Katherine Fidelia McCormack and Leon Ray Ingleright. I had the very good fortune to meet her but not the genius to take a picture of her. She told me a brief story about her grandparents, Michael and Catherine. She told me that they only spoke Gaelic behind close doors and never in front of their children.

Keen, Jimmie D.                                     18 May 1920                    Paris, Texas
Jimmie was the wife of James Archer McCormack Sr. She had three daughters and one son.

Lucas, Thomas Kendall                       17 May 1908                    unk.
Thomas was the second husband of Violet Ingleright.

McCormack, Henry Davis                   14 May 1916                    Sparks, Nevada
Henry, or HD as I called him, was the eldest son of Henry Peacock McCormack and Ethel Davis. Henry retired from the California Department of Transportation.

McCormack, Lura Maude                   26 May 1897                    Vienna Twp., Michigan
Lura was the daughter of Edward McCormack and Elizabeth Jane Dimmick. I believe that she was briefly a teacher in Mio, Michigan area before her death. She left two young girls who were raised by their grandmother, Elizabeth.

McCormack, Nella Mae                       30 May 1931                    Reno, Nevada
Nella was the eight child of Henry Peacock McCormack and Ethel Davis. From the pictures of her that I have seen, she had a smile that could light up an entire room. She left 3 sons and a husband.

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DNA testing disappointment

I have been trying for a long time to find out as close as I can as to where my great-great grandfather Michael McCormack came from. One of those ways is a Y-DNA test. One of the problems that I face is that I can’t take the test. God bless her, but if my grandmother, Michael’s granddaughter, were my grandfather I wouldn’t have a problem. My other option is to get one of Michael’s male descendants to take the test for me. My problem there is that I really don’t have a relationship with any of Michael’s male descendants. Well, I tried cold calling one of them tonight. I struck out. Bad. I called, I guess, at a bad time. Second, he didn’t sound receptive to my problem. So, the conversation didn’t last too long. Now I am off to try another one of Michael’s male descendants. Wish me better luck next time!


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April Birthday announcements!

These are the birthdays of the McCormack family that occurred in the month of April. I tried to publish this at the beginning of the month but my work schedule really prevented me from during so. I apologize to the people listed below, to their families and my readers. I fully intended to give each person a day of their own. I really “hate” doing a group birthday post.

Bird                           John Caraway                      2 Apr 1898            Meadville, PA
John was the father of Paul L. Bird and husband to Edith Marie McCormack, the second daughter to (Thomas) Henry McCormack. John would have been 116 years old.

McCormack            John Michael                       7 Apr 1860            London, Canada
John Michael was the fourth child of Michael and Catherine. John Michael was a very successful businessman in Reno, Nevada during the 1890s and from 1900 to early 1920s.

McCormack            Patrick J.                               7 Apr 1860            London, Canada
I believe his name was Patrick. He and John Michael were twins. Patrick, as I call him, died of consumption (or known today as Tuberculosis) at the early age of just 7 months old.

Baldwin                   Cora Anna                            7 Apr 1868            Watertown, NY
Cora was married to Frank James McCormack, the eighth child and seventh son of Michael and Catherine. She died without having any children.

McCormack            Mae Ethel                           11 Apr 1888            Albert Township, MI
Mae Ethel was the first child and daughter of Edward James and Elizabeth Jane (Dimmick) McCormack. Mae was a teacher in northern Lower Michigan.

McCormack            Gertrude                             11 Apr 1898            Reno, NV
Again, I believe Gertrude was her name. Gertrude never had a chance to live because she was stillborn.

McCormack            Maria “Minnie” Bedina   16 Apr 1867            Ypsilanti, MI
Maria was ninth child and second daughter of Michael and Catherine. She was married to Charles Barnes, a Great Lakes captain. She was the mother of two children. The first child was named Charles Harold Barnes. Her second child was named Charles/Carl Arthur Barnes. Other than keeping house, I am not sure what Maria or Minnie as she was commonly called did for a living.

McCormack            Merle Hemingway           18 Apr 1900            Otter Lake, MI
Merle was the first child and only son of William E. and Lavina (Hemingway) McCormack. Merle was a graduate of the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Merle was married twice, first to Lois Baker and last to Margaret Yale. Merle died childless. He was the President of Baker Business College located in Flint, Michigan.

McCormack, Sr.    James Archer                    18 Apr 1922            Newcastle, CA
James was the fourth child and third son of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. He was supposed born on the side of the road on the way to the local hospital. He was in the Merchant Marines during WWII.

Peacock                   Gertrude Angeline            22 Apr 1865            Dayton, NV
Gertrude was the wife of John Michael McCormack. She had one surviving child, Henry Peacock McCormack. For a number of years, she helped John Michael to run a hotel in Reno, Nevada.

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March Birthdays!

I was supposed to get these birthday announcements up at the beginning of the month, but as I mentioned a month ago, my work schedule really limits my posting. I apologize to all my followers and readers.

For the month of March, the following people of the McCormack family have birthdays;

Last Name First & Mid Name Birth Date

Coon, Kathryn Elizabeth “Betty” 11 Mar 1916
Kathryn would have been 98 years old. Kathryn was the daughter of Grace Ellen (McCormack) and Alfred Rinehart Coon.

Addy, Robert Henry 16 Mar 1891
Robert would have been 123 years old. Robert was the son of Delilah Elizabeth (McCormack) and Smith Addy.

Murphy, Margaret Williams 17 Mar 1908
Margaret would have been 98 years old. She was the wife of Leon R. “Doc” Ingleright II.

McCormack, Edith Marie 18 Mar 1899
Edith would have been 115 years old. Margaret was the daughter of (Thomas) Henry and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack.

McCormack, William Edward 31 Mar 1890
William would have been 124 years old at the end of this month. William was the son of Edward and Elizabeth (Dimmick) McCormack.


Happy Birthday to all! I hope that I have done something to keep the memories of those people alive. Thanks for stopping by and I hope  you learned something.

Found, the parents of Charles Arthur Barnes!

I am back! My work schedule has prevented me from posting much at all lately. I have blogged a couple of times (The search for the parents of Charles Barnes – An update and A death certificate dead end?) about my efforts to find the parents of Charles(Carl) Arthur Barnes whom I believe to be the second child of Charles Eli Barnes and Maria “Minnie” Bedina McCormack, my great-grand aunt. As I have mentioned before, I strongly suspected that Charles was the person that I thought he would ultimately prove to be. But other than a couple of census records [1][2] and a name “change” on a  State of Michigan birth index [3], I didn’t have much. I had his obituary [4], but that didn’t help any at all. I also got a copy of his death certificate [5], but that too proved nothing new. My one last try was to get a copy of his Social Security application form and see if he listed his parents as he should have. Almost a month ago on 16 Jan (2014), I got a letter from the Social Security Administration saying that they had my request and would process it as soon as possible. I would have to wait two and half weeks before I would receive my long awaited confirmation. On 3 Feb 2014, I received Charles’s social security application form [6].

Charles A. Barnes's social security application form

Charles A. Barnes’s social security application form [6]

As  you can see on lines #10, #11, it states that Charles’ parents were Charles E. Barnes and Minnie B. McCormack. Bingo! I pretty sure that I had the right person and the right relationships. To really solidify the relationship, I need to find other documents that prove the relationship between Charles and his parents. One such document that comes to mind is his birth certificate. I’ll have to get a copy of it as soon as I can. I would like to find other documents that do the same as a birth certificate. Btw, I wonder what Charles looked like?

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