My Grandmother’s Trip to Europe! Page 1

I was talking to my dad one day if he had a signature or some example of writing from my grandmother. I was trying to compliment my post, “The McCormacks in their own hand!”.

In 1925, my grandmother, Alta McCormack and her younger sister, Ruth went on their “Grand Tour” of Europe. This the first page in her trip diary that she maintained during their “Grand Tour” of Europe.

Page 1

Page 1


Date: June 26, 1925
Place: Montreal
Niagara Falls, Canada

We got an early
Start this morning —
at 6:30. It rained almost
all the way to Port
Huron but we made
good time. Went out
to Gratiot Inn and
saw Dad, Uncle Henry
and Aunt Margaret
who were there at
a convention. Came
across the river about
10 and had lots of fun
with the Canadian
Customs officer. Herb.
assures him that we
are all friends except
his aunt and brother. The
C. O. asked Herb what he. . . .

To be continued!

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One thought on “My Grandmother’s Trip to Europe! Page 1

  1. Jeff, I never knew about this diary! How long is it? I’d love to read it, if you ever get a chance to transcribe it (or temporarily lend it to me).




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