New Henry McCormack photos

One nice thing about having an account is that with their hints you sometimes can get some very good information. The other day I logged onto my Ancestry account and found that I had several new hints and the following pictures were among them. I wrote to the person to thank them for uploading and sharing them.

The first two pictures I have never seen before. The last one another cousin had previously shared with me.

Henry and Margaret (Iseman) McCormack

Henry and Margaret (Iseman-Naugle) McCormack

That is a very good picture of Henry and Margaret, his second wife. Since Henry died in 1951, I think that this picture was taken sometime in the 1940s.

McCormack House - Ithaca (Front)(B&W)

The Henry McCormack house of Ithaca, MI.

At this time, I don’t know who the two people are on the front porch. It would be helpful to know when this picture was taken.

This is the photo that I already had. 

McCormack House - Ithaca (Side)(B&W)

A side view of the Henry McCormack house in Ithaca, MI.

The people on the lawn are Edith Marie McCormack Bird and her daughter. Given that information, that would make this picture taken in the early 1930s. 

I am very thankful that the person from Ancestry decided to upload and share his photos. If they hadn’t, I would have never seen the first two pictures. 

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Another McCormack postcard!

Early last week, I went onto eBay and I looked around. You can find a lot of family related stuff there. I have found quite a few items related to Otter Lake and my great-grandfather, William E. McCormack. Most of the time I search using “Otter Lake”, “Reno”, “Michael McCormack”  or various other McCormack related search terms. So, last week I used (I think) Henry McCormack. When I typed in Henry McCormack, I was wondering what would popup in the search results. Imagine my surprise when the picture below showed up! It is just not a picture, but a POSTCARD!

The Ithaca McCormack General Store

Center Street showing the Henry McCormack Store in 1910 Ithaca, Michigan

And not just any old postcard! A postcard showing the Henry McCormack Department store on Center Street in 1910 Ithaca, Michigan! I never really imagine that someone would make a postcard of this scene. It wasn’t up for bidding. It was being sold outright. So, I made the plunge and spent the ten dollars and bought it.

I really like it because the “signs” hanging in between the windows of the second and third floors. Those signs tells us what Henry was selling at the time. It’s very interesting. I thought it would be interesting to show what the area is like more recently.

Center Street, Ithaca Michigan

Center Street, Ithaca, Michigan in 2016.

As you can see, the first two buildings are still there pretty much in the same shape as they were in 1910. It’s the rest of the street that has changed especially the building in the middle. It has lost its crown. On the facing side of the McCormack building is the stairs. I am sure that it has been rebuilt once or twice since the first picture.

Even though I have only received the postcard on Saturday May 27th, it is already one of my prized Clan McCormack ephemera collection!

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Tombstone Tuesday – C. Harold and Pauline McCormack

For today’s Tombstone Tuesday post, I would like share the picture I have of the tombstone of C. Harold and Pauline (Humphrey) McCormack. Charles Harold, or Harold as he was more commonly known as, was the third child and only son of Henry and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack. Harold was the seventh grandson of Michael and Catherine. He was also my first cousin twice removed.

C. Harold & Pauline McCormack

C. Harold & Pauline McCormack [1]

They are buried in the Crystal Cemetery which is located in the village of Crystal in Montcalm County, Michigan.

I hope you learned something and thanks for stopping by!


1. picture of the tombstone of Charles Harold and Pauline (Humphrey) McCormack, , 2009, privately held by Jeff Ford, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2013