And the winner is. . . .

. . . Gertrude Angeline (Peacock) McCormack, for the best pin cushion! She won it or was awarded it at the Nevada State Fair in Sept 1986.

That’s what I found in the new collection, “Compilation of Published Sources” at It is a terrific collection for genealogists/family historians like myself. Look down to Group 23 Class 251 and you will see an entry for a Mrs. J. M. McCormack.

Here is the page;

Gertrude McCormack & Pin Cushion

Like I said in my blog post, “John Michael McCormack as a stonemason”, it is finding items like the entry for money owed to John Michael McCormack and then this one for Gertrude McCormack winning the best pin cushion that really makes it worthwhile for genealogists/family historians like myself. It adds texture and substance to a person’s life that might otherwise consist just of dates and places. It tells what the person might have done in their life.

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Sharing Saturday – A Family Portrait

Today, I would like to share this beautiful family portrait with everyone. It is a three generational photograph of the John Michael McCormack family.

The John Michael McCormacks - 1924

The John Michael McCormacks – 1924 [1]

From left to right; John Michael McCormack (sitting in chair), Ethel Davis McCormack, Gerald “Bum” McCormack (leaning on his grandfather), Henry Davis McCormack, James Archer McCormack (sitting), Henry Peacock McCormack, Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette McCormack, Robert Michael McCormack (sitting on lap of grandmother), Gertrude Peacock McCormack.

The best date that I have is 1924. My best guess is sometime in late summer 1924. The baby, Robert Michael McCormack, sitting on the lap of his grandmother, was born late Jan 1924. I am also guessing that the picture was taken somewhere in Reno, Nevada. That’s because the McCormack family lived in Reno in 1920s.

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1. John Michael McCormack family portrait, ca. 1924; privately held by Mrs. Patricia McCormack Eisenbraun, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] San Diego, California, 1990.