Lost and found! A “new” McCormack!

Earlier today, I was looking through the “hints” or the “Tasks” button on the FamilySearch app, “Family Tree” when I came across a task/hint for a Lizzie McCormack. I looked at the task and the Lizzie Mccormack turned out to be Elizabeth J. (Rohr) McCormack, the wife of Edward J. McCormack, who was the son of Michael and Catherine (Paine) McCormack).

What I found is a death record for a Albert McCormack. 

Albert McCormack Death Record

Albert McCormack’s record of death [1]

Given that there was a four year gap between the birth of Albert’s brothers, William Edward b.1890 and Donald James b. 1894 and that Elizabeth seemed to have a baby every two to three years, I had suspected that there might have been another child for Edward and Elizabeth.

At first, the records that were available for Albert seemed to indicate that he was born and died on the same day of Jan 5th. I took another look at the entry for Albert’s apparent age. 


his age? [1]

Initially, I thought that the entry in the month box was just an ink blob. Upon further reflection and thought, I came to the conclusion that entry was in fact, the number 5. If indeed my assumption is right that Albert was five months old when he died, that would mean that he was born sometime around Aug 1891. Given that this is death record/index, I am not going to find an exact date of birth. However, since that the person’s age is broken down into years, months and days, I could extrapolate back to arrive at a calculated date of birth. That is how I came up with the presumed date of birth of Aug 1891. Since Albert did not live that long, there is going to be a dearth of records available. There might be one record for inspection if my guess about Albert’s age of 5 months is correct. That would be a birth certificate. Now, I can look at SeekingMichigan.org to see if they might have a copy of his birth certificate. I know that they have death certificates there.

There was one other thing that I wanted to discuss. His name. I am not sure if his name is really Albert or since he apparently, or could have been, born and died on the same day that he was named for the township that he was born into.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you learned something new today!


  1. “Michigan Deaths, 1867-1897,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/N3VR-JQ8 : 12 December 2014), Albert Mccormack, 05 Jan 1892; citing p 332 rn 90, Albert Twp, Montmorency, Michigan, Department of Vital Records, Lansing; FHL microfilm 2,363,831.