Happy Belated Anniversary!

Happy belated Anniversary! To whom? To the Otter Lake Express! It was almost four years and two weeks ago that I started this blog attempting to tell the story of Michael and Catherine (Paine) McCormack and their extended family.

I would like to start out by saying a few words of thanks to a “few” people. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me in some way research, write or anything connected to this blog. That means people who have given me digital photos, background material and everything else.

I also would like to thank all of my McCormack relatives. Why? It is because without them, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. I have learned so much and have had so much fun researching and writing this blog.

I would like to thank again, Maurice “Doc” McCormack for in effect introducing me to his big family. I have met many special people in that branch of the McCormack family.

Doc McCormack

Maurice “Doc” McCormack (1933 – 2009)

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Happy New Year!

McCormack Reunion (Master)

The McCormack Family Reunion

The entire staff of the Otter Lake Express (me) would like to thank everyone, my readers and McCormack relatives for being a part of The Otter Lake Express experience! Thank you for helping me out with either being a loyal reader and follower or contributor in some way. Also, I would like to thank all of my McCormack relatives for being there for me and helping me out in exploring our rich family history. 

For next year, I hope that everyone has the best new year in 2017!

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June Dates for the McCormack Clan

Here are the important June dates for the McCormack clan. I wish I could post for each person and event, but I don’t have the time.

1 Jun 1824 – Catherine (Payne/Paine) McCormack was born. I can only document that she was born in Ireland. I have some “suggestions” that she was born in either Cork, Ireland or somewhere in County Cork. She is the matriarch of the McCormack clan.
3 Jun 1931 – Duane Harold McCormack was born. He was born in Ithaca, Michigan. He was the grandson of Henry and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack.
8 Jun 1954 – Lois Muriel Baker died. She was the first wife of Merle H. McCormack and she died in Flint, Michigan. Her father founded Baker Business College as it was first known.
9 Jun 1964 – William Fred Crozier died. He died in Ithaca, Michigan. He was married to Lucille May McCormack, the daughter of Henry and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack.
15 Jun 1956 – LaVina Jane (Hemingway) McCormack died. At the time of her death, she was living in Flint, Michigan.  She was the second wife of William E. McCormack and was also my great-grandmother. She’s also distantly related to Ernest Hemingway.
16 Jun 1899 – Lois Muriel Baker was born. She was born in Peru, Iowa. (See above)
16 Jun 1972 – Charles Arthur Barnes died. He was the son of Maria “Minnie” McCormack and Charles Eli Barnes. When he died, he was living in Bay City, Michigan.
17 Jun 1904 – Charles Harold McCormack was born. He was born in Ithaca, Michigan. He was the youngest child and only son of Henry (Thomas) and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack.
23 Jun 1891 – Henry Peacock McCormack was born. He was the only son of John Michael and Gertrude Angeline (Peacock) McCormack and was born in Reno, Nevada.
23 Jun 1936 – Lura Maude McCormack died. She was the daughter of Edward James and Elizabeth Jane (Dimmick/Rohr) McCormack. At the time of her death, she was married to Dudley Palmer and died in West Branch, Michigan.
25 Jun 1912 – Grace Ellen McCormack married Alfred Rinehart Coon, M.D. The new couple was married in the house of Grace’s father, William E. McCormack.
26 Jun 1923 – Robert Orrin Addy was born. He was the stepson of Robert H. Addy and Frances M. Foster and was born in Battle Creek, Michigan.
28 Jun 1946 – Robert Lynn Asprin was born. He was the grandson of Grace Ellen McCormack, who was the only daughter of William E. McCormack and his first wife, Lura Grace Roys. He was a famous science fiction writer.
29 Jun 1987 – Robert Orrin Addy died. He was living in Fairfax, Virginia when he died. (See above)

Jun 1865 – Frank J. McCormack was born. At the time of his birth, his parents were living in London, Ontario, Canada. Frank was the youngest son of Michael and Catherine McCormack. Later in life, he worked for the Illinois Central Railroad out of Kankakee, Illinois and was a member of the Grand Lodge of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. (I have Frank separate from the rest because I don’t know exactly what day he was born.

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Memorial Day – For those that have fallen


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Thank you all for stopping by the Otter Lake Express today! I really don’t have a specific McCormack related post for you since as far as I know, no McCormack died in the line of duty. We, the men and women of the McCormack clan, have had many members who have served their country in one of the branches of the United States military or merchant marines.

No, today I, speaking for the entire McCormack clan, would like salute and remember those proud Americans that, unfortunately, gave their lives in the defense of our country so that the rest of us could enjoy the freedom and liberty that this country is known for.

So, visit a cemetery to remember a fallen service member and lay flowers or plant a flag or talk to someone that has lost a family member in a conflict. You could also donate to the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Since a lot of our wars in the last couple decades have been led the Special Operations units, they have been, I think, harder than the regular military units.

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McCormack news!

Just a real quick update here!

I have several things to tell you about.

First, my cousin James’s NatGeo 2.0 DNA test results came in. His Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-L226. Now we need some McCormacks in Ireland to be tested!

Second, I am working on a post involving signatures of various McCormacks. I asked my father if he had any writing of my grandmother, his mother. He said that he has a diary that she wrote from her trip to Europe in 1925. When I get all the pages copied, I will be posting some or all of the pages under a different subject.

Lastly, I have found out the date for this year’s McCormack family reunion or as it is called today, McBash. It is June 17th to June 20th. It will be held at the Campground by the Lake, South Lake Tahoe, California. I can’t wait to go! If any McCormacks would like to go, please contact me and I will get you details!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something new!

The Otter Lake Express Interview!

The McCormack Family Reunion

The McCormack Family Reunion

Hello! About a week and half ago, I wrote a post about how Michelle Taggart, of the May I Introduce to You team over at Geneabloggers interviewed me via a series of questions late last summer. Well, the interview was finally posted late Monday afternoon, May I Introduce to You . . . Jeff Ford! I hope everyone gets over the page and reads the interview.

I would like to thank Michelle Taggart and Thomas MacEntee for selecting me and publishing the interview.

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