September Dates for the Clan Michael McCormack

I would like to take some time to remember some important events and an interesting tidbit or two in the lives of members of the Clan (Michael) McCormack for the month of September.

1 Sep 1824 Michael McCormack was born. As far as I know, Michael was from County Kilkenny. Or at least I think he was. My evidence is skimpy at best. What I do know is that he married Catherine (Payne) Steele in (the city of) Kilkenny at St. Mary’s Church and that his first son and child, William E. was born in Kilkenny. Also, from his marriage certificate that I show below, his father was identified as Patrick McCormack, a farmer.

Michael McCormack

Michael McCormack

2 Sep 1995 – Lois Elizabeth VanMeter died. She died in Sparks, Nevada. She was the second wife of James Archer McCormack, Sr. They married in 1979. Unfortunately, I have no picture of Lois.

2 Sep 1895 – Lura Grace Roys died. Lura was the first wife of William E. McCormack, my (paternal) great-grandfather. She died in Otter Lake, Michigan quite possibly at her home on Detroit Street. While she was alive, she and William had one child, a daughter Grace Ellen McCormack. She was born in Belleville, Michigan and got married to William in Ypsilanti, Michigan on 29 Nov 1883. I also don’t have a picture of Lura.

4 Sep 1923 – Jewel Beatrice Hassell was born. Jewel was the wife of the late Robert M. McCormack. Robert was the son of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. Jewel was born and grew up in Port Arthur, Texas.

Jewel Hassell McCormack in her wedding dress

18 Sep 2007 – Robert Michael McCormack died. He died in Laurel, Mississippi where he was a long time resident. Robert was the son of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. Robert was the proud father of three sons. He was a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. In WWII, he flew P-51 Mustangs.

Robert Michael McCormack

Robert Michael McCormack

23 Sep 1928 – Ethel Rebecca McCormack was born. Ethel was the daughter of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. She was born in Reno, Nevada as were several of her brothers and sisters. In 1950, she married Raymond Louis Tougeron, Sr. They later became the proud parents of three sons and a daughter. She is another one of the “West Coast” McCormacks that have a very happy smile!

Ethel Rebecca

Ethel Rebecca McCormack Tougeron

25 Sep 2012 – Richard Curtis Ford died. Richard, or as I called him, Uncle Dick, was my uncle. He and my dad were twins. His parents were Aubrey and Alta (McCormack) Ford. He went to school at Michigan Technological University located in Houghton, Michigan for a year or two. After Houghton where he began his lifelong career in forestry, he and his young family moved out to the state of Washington in the great Pacific Northwest. In 1986, I got out of the Army and drove up to his house outside of Port Angeles, Washington where I spent the summer lounging on his deck.

Richard C. Ford

Richard “Dick” Curtis Ford

26 Sep 1853 – Michael McCormack married Catherine (Payne), Steele. This union of these two people began the McCormack clan as I know it. For Michael, it was his first marriage. For Catherine, it was her second.

Michael & Catherine

Michael & Catherine McCormack

Marriage Certificate 1 - Michael & Catherine

Marriage certificate for Michael and Catherine

– – – – – –

I would like to remind everyone that there is a lot more to the people listed here than what I have written. If you have anything you would like to add about any of these people, please feel free to contact me. You can also talk on your own about any of these people that you know. I also would like to thank my many McCormack relatives that contributed the photos that you are able to enjoy.

I also would like to thank my many McCormack relatives that contributed the photos that you are able to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!

– – – – – –

P.S. If you see anything that needs correcting, please let me know! Thanks again!



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