Family Treasures: Another McCormack Before & After

One of the things that I really like about researching my family history is when family members share old photos that I can in turn share with others both within and outside the family. But what I really like when a family member shares an old photo with me is that most of the time, the photo needs some digital restoration and that is something that I really like.

Today, I would like to share this “before and after” picture of Edith Marie McCormack as a young lady of 11 and half. Edith Marie was the middle child of Henry and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack, of Ithaca, Michigan.

When it was created, this picture must have been really beautiful! What I saw when I looked at it, I saw a picture that was in pretty decent shape physically. That is, there was no damage to the picture, no cuts, no missing sections or anything like that. If you look carefully at Edith Marie’s right, there looks like someone left some fingerprints. Also, if you look very closely there is a small ring of some kind in lower right corner on Edith Marie’s dress. Those were some of the reasons why I decided to digitally modify the picture. I also didn’t like how the picture seemed very dark or flat. That was one reason why I replaced the background and placed a marquee to cover up those sins.

I don’t want you to think that I have forgotten to thank my benefactor for this picture. Giving credit where credit is due is very important to me. That said, I would like to thank Edith Marie’s grandson, Lance A., very much for sharing this wonderful picture with me and the rest of the world.

– – – – – –

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope that you learned something and that you liked what you saw.


1.) picture of a young Edith Marie McCormack, 2009, privately held by Lance A., [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009



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