A McCormack Queen?

I have written about the use of newspapers in detailing events of your family history. This is one such occasion. So I hope that you can understand and sense my excitement when I found a newspaper article that matched a picture of someone and an event in my family’s history. It is something special.

I can’t remember exactly when my cousin (she’s in the middle in the picture) gave me the picture. But she did tell me that the occasion was an event at the local International Order of Job’s Daughters chapter. 


A Queen in waiting and her parents [1]

I wondered if this article went with the picture above. I sent the article to my cousin asking her if the article went with the picture that she had shared with me several years ago. She wrote back to me saying that yes in deed the picture went with the article. I was also excited to see that a couple other of my cousins were also involved that night at the Masonic event. They were the crown bearer and the cherub. One of her older sisters was also involved as a flag bearer.


Patricia McCormack – Honored Queen [2]

She also added that she was sorry that the article didn’t mention that her father (the man on the left in the picture) created a gavel for her for that occasion. The gavel was made out of rosewood and jade. As luck would have it, she told me during a conversation that she still has the gavel but it is packed away right now. She told me several things about her father that made him more real and added substance to what I have learned about him. The article also added that Patricia honored her mother with a special bouquet of roses.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you learned something very special today!


1. picture of Patricia McCormack as Honored Queen, , 2009, privately held by Jeff Ford, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2009

2. Patricia Ann McCormack, “Patricia McCormack New Honored Queen,” San Rafael Independent Journal, 24 Jun 1954, Pg. X, col. 6-7, digital image, FindMyPast.com, http://www.findmypast.com, accessed 28 Jan 2017.


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