McCormack family important dates for November

Hello! I know that it has been quite a long time since I last posted a story here. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Even though it is almost the mid of November, I would like to start the month of November off with a post about important dates in the McCormack family.

The McCormack Family Reunion

The McCormack Family Reunion


3 Nov 1917: Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette McCormack was born. She was the first daughter and second child of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. She was born in Sparks, Nevada which is a “suburb” of Reno, Nevada.

Betty J McCormack Waltz

Gertrude “Betty” J. McCormack Waltz

4 Nov 1988: Suzanne Mae Smith died. Suzanne was the wife of William D. McCormack. He was the sixth child and fifth son of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. Suzanne and William had three children, one daughter and two sons. She died in Eugene, Oregon.

14 Nov 1861: Arthur A. McCormack was born. I hope you have had a chance to read the post, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” I wrote about Arthur recently. He was the only “bad boy” of the McCormack family that I know of. He was also the executor of his brother, Frank J. McCormack’s estate.

Arthur McCormack

Arthur McCormack at the family reunion in Otter Lake, Michigan.

15 Nov 1860: Patrick J. McCormack died. Actually, I don’t know for sure if Patrick was his first name. The way his name appeared on the 1861 Canada census it looked like to me that it was PJ.Since Michael’s father was named Patrick and at the time, I had just lost a (newly found) cousin by the name Patrick J., I decided to name him Patrick J. McCormack. Unfortunately in his short life, his entry on the 1861 Canadian census was his only notable achievement.

16 Nov 1951: Henry McCormack died. Henry was Michael and Catherine’s seventh child and sixth son. He was a leading member of the Ithaca business community. Here are some blog posts about Henry; “Pictures of Henry McCormack and family”, “Sunday’s Obituary – Henry McCormack”, Wordless Wednesday – Three Generations of the Henry McCormack family”.

Henry McCormack

a young Henry McCormack

21 Nov 1912: Michael McCormack died. The patriarch of the McCormack clan. Here is a post to get your appetite wetted!

Michael McCormack

Michael McCormack

21 Nov 1856: Edward James McCormack was born. Like the rest of his brothers, save for his older brother William, he was born in London, Ontario, Canada. Edward was the third child and second son. I believe sometime in the early 1880s, Edward and Michael came up with the idea of moving up to the northern Lower Michigan to farm.

24 Nov 1885: Grace Ellen McCormack was born. Grace was the only child of William E. McCormack and Lura Grace Roys (she was William’s first wife).

Grace McCormack

Grace McCormack Woodbury about 1957.

26 Nov 1870: Katherine Fidelia McCormack was born. Katherine is one of my favorite McCormack relatives. Perhaps the first reason is that she and I share the same birthday of November 26th. She is also the only female child of Michael and Catherine that I have a picture of.

Aunt Katherine

Katherine (McCormack) Ingleright

26 Nov 1986: Raymond Louis Tougeron died. Ray was the husband of Ethel Rebecca McCormack. She was the second daughter and seventh child of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. She and Ray would have one daughter and three sons.


Raymond L. Tougeron, Sr.

29 Nov 1883: William McCormack married Lura Grace Roys. Lura was William’s (my great-grandfather) first wife. They were married in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Lura was from Ypsilanti. They had one daughter, Grace Ellen McCormack before the unfortunate death of Lura.

– – – – – –

I would like to remind everyone that there is a lot more to the people listed here. If you have anything you would like to add about any of these people, please feel free to contact me. I also would like to thank you for stopping by and I hope you learned something.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!

P.S. If you see anything that needs correcting, please let me know! Thanks again!


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