Amanuensis Monday – In her own words

A cousin started a discussion on FB about family members are more than just when they were born, married and died. To which I couldn’t agree more. If a family historian/genealogist just concentrates on dates and that sort of thing, in my opinion, they are missing out on a lot more to that person’s life.

In the words of my great-grand Aunt Gertrude P. McCormack;

Nevada McCormacks on the social page

John Michael & Family’s trip east [1]

I wonder if she ever tried any Milwaukee beer?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


  1. “Short Locals (J. M. McCormack & family’s trip east)”, Reno (Nevada) Evening Gazette, 5 Oct 1907 (Saturday), p. 9, col. 1; digital images, ( : accessed 26 Jun 2016), Newspaper Collection

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