“Family Reunions”

A few  weekends ago for me, was a time for family reunions. On Saturday, it was my mother’s side of the family, “Where are the Waldos?” Then on Monday, it was a meeting that I have been looking forward to since this cousin left a comment on one of my posts. I got to meet the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Elizabeth J. McCormack, the widow of Edward J. McCormack (son of Michael and Catherine McCormack).

Linda and her mom

Elizabeth (Betty) Palmer Knauf and Linda Jagiello

You got to know Elizabeth or “Betty” and her sister in a couple of my posts, “The Passing of a McCormack legend!” and “Celebrating Women’s History Month – Elizabeth J. (Rohr) Dimmick McCormack.”

I would like to thank Linda for making contact with me by leaving a comment on a post several months ago. One thing that her mother, “Betty” told me that was growing up in Mio, it was her family, two aunts and two uncles and nobody else. She didn’t know that there was any other McCormacks around. Anywhere! Well, I took care of that “problem!” I told them all that I could about the McCormack family. Like how Michael and Catherine left Ireland and their travels in the United States ending up in Otter Lake. I also told them about the West Coast McCormacks. Like how John Michael McCormack was a stonemason, supposedly worked on the Brooklyn Bridge and did the same in Reno, Nevada and also how he ran a motel/hotel also in Reno. I also mentioned that Miss Betty’s grandmother (Elizabeth J. McCormack) wasn’t the only McCormack that operated a general store in Michigan. The three McCormacks that ran general stores in Michigan were Henry McCormack in Ithaca, my great-grandfather William in Otter Lake and then her grandmother, Elizabeth in Mio.

It was really great to enlighten someone about the rich family history that they previously didn’t know much about her family. I would like to “welcome” Miss Betty and her daughter to the McCormack family, but they were already a part of the family they just didn’t know much about the rest of us!

A special thank you to Miss Betty for welcoming me into her house and allowing me to do one of my favorite things that is to talk about the McCormack family. Also another special thank you to her daughter, Linda for making that first step of contacting me and then maintaining contact since then. I have enjoyed talking to her and working with her to help her mother learn about the McCormack family.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


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