McBash: The first full day

Well, I made it to the new magic land of McBash! I made it a day early and no one was here unlike the last time I was here. You live and learn.

Friday afternoon everyone started arriving. We did have one unexpected non-arrival. Cousin Judy had transportation problems and couldn’t make it. Although she did show up on Saturday with her sister Sandy D.

On Saturday afternoon, I and half of the Tougeron clan went prospecting for gold! We tried D. L. Bliss State Park first. I was with two prospecting pros. They each had several “prospecting pans.” I, of course, did not get anything! Only my cousin Rene T. got a gold “nugget.” His brother, Ray T and I kidded him that he was buying us a couple of cokes!

The Prospector

The Prospector!

After spending a couple hours looking for gold, we left D. L. Bliss and went “exploring.” The three of us ended up at Fallen Leaf Lake. I think we were looking for another stream or small creek to pan for gold. Anyway, we didn’t find one. However, we did have some fun. The road on the eastern side of Fallen Leaf Lake was something else. It was barely wide enough for Ray’s truck let alone for any other vehicles that might come the other way and that happened more often than not. It was quite funny to hear some of the commentary that went on in the truck that afternoon.

Later Saturday, we had a community dinner. As I mentioned earlier, Sandy and Judy had shown up while the “Three Prospectors” were out. Sandy and Judy had brought the community dinner, tamales and they were pretty good.

Down time at McBash!


After the tamale dinner, we all had some fun make rather large s’mores!

The Prospector and Calamity Jane

The Prospector and Calamity Jane

It was a great time for all who attended McBash 2016! Just for those McCormacks who need some scheduling help, McBash is held the same time every year. That is the third weekend in June. For the last eight years, we have held McBash at the “Campground by the Lake” in South Lake Tahoe.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something new!


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