Road to McBash: Day Two!

Well, I made it to Colorado and my sister’s home. Nothing really exciting to report, besides getting “lost” in Kansas City because I lost phone coverage. That is, there was nothing to report until I got about 20-30 miles away from my sister’s house. There was a SEVERE thunderstorm in the area and I got caught in it! It started raining and hailing. Pretty soon, you couldn’t see 30 yards. What stuck in my head was that it often hails around tornadoes and I am in my truck. I mean, the “stuff” was hitting the fan! There was hail everywhere! Luckily for me, I must have caught the edge of the storm. But still, when I got to my sister’s house, I said I need a drink!

That’s it for this post! ‘Til next time on my magical trip to the new magical land of McBash!

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