Memorial Day – For those that have fallen


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Thank you all for stopping by the Otter Lake Express today! I really don’t have a specific McCormack related post for you since as far as I know, no McCormack died in the line of duty. We, the men and women of the McCormack clan, have had many members who have served their country in one of the branches of the United States military or merchant marines.

No, today I, speaking for the entire McCormack clan, would like salute and remember those proud Americans that, unfortunately, gave their lives in the defense of our country so that the rest of us could enjoy the freedom and liberty that this country is known for.

So, visit a cemetery to remember a fallen service member and lay flowers or plant a flag or talk to someone that has lost a family member in a conflict. You could also donate to the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Since a lot of our wars in the last couple decades have been led the Special Operations units, they have been, I think, harder than the regular military units.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


One thought on “Memorial Day – For those that have fallen

  1. I am certainly grateful for the many who gave everything so that we might enjoy the many freedoms that we have today. When I see the veterans and the flag in a parade, it always bring a lump to my throat. I am so grateful for their gift.

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