The Passing of a McCormack legend!

McCormack Reunion (Master)

The McCormack Family Reunion

Hello, once again! Today, I, unfortunately have some bad news. Some of you will that have following the Otter Lake Express for a while, will remember my posts about Elizabeth J. (Rohr) McCormack, the wife of Edward J. McCormack. In those posts, I wrote about how Elizabeth, at the age of 69, “adopted” her two granddaughters because her daughter died and her son-in-law, for some reason, couldn’t raise them. She might not be a legend, but in my book she is.

A couple of years ago, I contacted one of the sisters and I believe that we had a good relationship going. That sister was Charlotte Fontaine Palmer. The other day I learned from Charlotte’s  nephew that she died almost a year ago. About two or three years ago is when I had my last contact with her. We were in the beginning stages of discussing about getting copies of some of her family pictures. Well I got busy with work. Real busy and I just never got back to her. I would constantly think “Well, this weekend or whatever, I will get around to writing Charlotte about her pictures.” Now, if I ever have the time, I can’t write that letter. In all my dealings with her, she was really nice to me. I would also like to think that she would have appreciated what I have written about her grandmother/mother. I think that almost everyone would have enjoyed her take on how her grandmother, at 69 years old, raised her and her sister and still ran a small country general store.

So, if anyone out there has an elder relative that has an unique story or not, contact them before it is too late. They have stories that are special and interesting and enriching. I have a couple of relatives that have died either before I got into my McCormack family history or I knew them or was able to contact them. You might learn something and I will bet that you will have a good time listening to them.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


3 thoughts on “The Passing of a McCormack legend!

  1. Hello again, I emailed you about Charlottes passing my mother Elizabeth. We call her Betty would like to meet you my family has the pictures and would like to help. And talk to you if possible. My mother doesn’t get around well but is of sound mind she would love to talk with you . Could we set up a meeting in mio. She still lives across from the old house and right behind the store. She would love to meet with you please .


  2. Oh I am so happy for the comment above from the person who has the pictures!! Good reminder though Jeff….in fact I have a letter to write on my “to-do” list right now, so great inspiration.


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