McCormack news!

Just a real quick update here!

I have several things to tell you about.

First, my cousin James’s NatGeo 2.0 DNA test results came in. His Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-L226. Now we need some McCormacks in Ireland to be tested!

Second, I am working on a post involving signatures of various McCormacks. I asked my father if he had any writing of my grandmother, his mother. He said that he has a diary that she wrote from her trip to Europe in 1925. When I get all the pages copied, I will be posting some or all of the pages under a different subject.

Lastly, I have found out the date for this year’s McCormack family reunion or as it is called today, McBash. It is June 17th to June 20th. It will be held at the Campground by the Lake, South Lake Tahoe, California. I can’t wait to go! If any McCormacks would like to go, please contact me and I will get you details!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something new!


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