Merry Christmas!

The Otter Lake Express would like to wish all its readers, non-readers, non-relatives and most especially all my McCormack relatives a very Merry Christmas!

%22For unto you...%22

As it approaches Christmas Day, donning my family historian hat I can’t help but wonder what Christmas must have been like for some of my McCormack ancestors.

Starting off, I wonder what Christmas was like for Michael and Catherine back in Ireland. I’ll have to find some material that tells what Christmas was like for the common Irish during the first half of the 19th Century.

Up next, I really wonder what Christmas was like for them in 1853? On December 25, 1853 they would have celebrating their first Christmas as a married couple and as a family with the addition of my great-grandfather William. After all, he might have been about 6 months old. I can’t imagine the trip over to the United States from Ireland with a new-born child. Also, I wonder where they were at Christmas. They arrived in New Orleans on or about the 5th of October 1853. I have heard that they went to Kentucky to visit Catherine’s brother. Kentucky was also were their second child and first daughter, Delilah was born. I don’t know if they went directly up to Kentucky upon arrival in New Orleans or waited a bit. I suppose that if I was them I would have hurried off to find someone that I or my wife would have known.

After wondering what their first Christmas was like, I would wonder what Christmas was like for Michael and Catherine on December 25, 1870. By that time, all of their children would have been born and they were living in Ypsilanti, Michigan. William, the oldest, would have been 17 and the youngest, Katherine, would have been just barely a month old. There were seven children, two girls and five boys. That would been quite a household in the 1870s or at anytime. How did they celebrate Christmas? Was it like Michael and Catherine experienced in Ireland or was it something more American in origin?

I hope you all enjoyed my little “wondering” trip into the Christmas experiences of Michael and Catherine McCormack.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you learned something new today and most of all, Merry Christmas to all!


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