December McCormack Birthdays!

Once again, I am republishing a post that I wrote a year ago. I apologize because I really would like to publish original posts.

Here are the December birthdays that happened in the Michael McCormack family.

Last Name, First & Mid Name                         Birth Date                         Birth Place

Barnes, Charles Harold                                        7 Dec 1898                         Saginaw, Michigan

Charles was the first child of Maria “Minnie” McCormack and Charles Eli Barnes. He was my first cousin twice removed. You can read more about him at my blog posts, “Wednesday’s Child – Charles Harold Barnes” and “Happy Birthday, Charles Harold Barnes!

Crain, Depsy Ann                                                    2 Dec 1941                       Placer, California

Depsy is the wife of a third cousin who is still alive and therefore I don’t wish to name him. You can learn more about Depsy at my Find-A-Grave memorial for her.

Davis, Ethel                                                              3 Dec 1892                 Anderson, California

Ethel was the wife of Henry Peacock McCormack, the son of John Michael McCormack. Henry was my first cousin twice removed. Ethel was the mother of six sons and four daughters. You can read more about Ethel at my blog posts, “Happy Birthday, Ethel Davis McCormack!” and “Wordless Wednesday – Mom at the beach!

Dorstewitz, Edward James                                 28 Dec 1948
Benton Harbor, Michigan

Edward was a Vietnam War veteran who died of Cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange. He was married to a third cousin who is still alive and therefore I don’t wish to name her. You can learn more about Edward at my Find-A-Grave memorial for him.

Farrell, Arthur Willard                                          16 Dec 1903                       Marinette, Wisconsin

Arthur was the husband of my great-grandaunt, Ruth Eleanor McCormack. You can learn more about Arthur at my Find-A-Grave memorial for him and at my blog post, “An “Art” Deco pose!

McCormack, Donald James                                9 Dec 1894
Lewiston, Michigan

Donald was the third child of Edward James McCormack and Elizabeth Jane Dimick. He was a corporal in the US Army during WWI. You can see his more about Donald at my Find-A-Grave memorial for him. He was my first cousin twice removed.

McCormack, John Michael                                 22 Dec 1896
Reno, Nevada

John Michael was second son and child of John Michael and Gertrude Angeline (Peacock) McCormack. John, unfortunately, died on the day of his birth. It isn’t known if he was born alive and died sometime after birth or if he was stillborn. You can see more at my Find-A-Grave memorial for him.

Happy belated birthday to those whose birthdays have passed and happy birthday to the rest!

Thanks for stopping and reading this post. I hope you learned something new about the McCormack family.


One thought on “December McCormack Birthdays!

  1. Very interesting site indeed. I must me your third cousin, as you state my sister, widow of Edward James Dorstewitz, is your third cousin.

    I am the widow of an interesting man in his own right, Edward Thomas (Ted) Strong. Ted was a pioneer of the sport parachuting industry. My name is Marcia Lucretia LaVanway. I remember my Great Grandmother Catherine Fedilia McCormack pretty well, though I was a child when she died. My mother, Margaret Louise was her only Granddaughter and was quite spoiled by her.

    Our Father passed away December 2nd 2015 and thus I have been archiving photos and found my Grandpa “Doc’s” senior high school yearbook, and so was researching Ithica High School, when I found your site. nice work, great writing and very entertaining.

    Liked by 1 person

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