New Otter Lake Postcards Pt. 1

Hello once again! Today, I would like to start a short series of posts about four postcards featuring scenes of Otter Lake, Michigan that I recently bought on Ebay. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to my newest additions to my McCormack family postcard collection.

The first one that I would like to show you is of a view looking down Detroit Street towards Otter Lake. There are quite a few things that I find interesting about this postcard. The first, which really “bothers” me, is that there is NO date anywhere on this postcard. However, I think I can at least guesstimate a beginning date. The car on the right side (of the road) is, in my opinion, a Ford Model A. That car was first introduced in Oct 1927. The next thing that I used to ID a starting date is the square sign above the end of the (horse hitch) or the middle of the first building. It is an IGA or Independent Grocers Alliance sign. They were founded in May 1927. Those are about the only things that I can see that could be used to assign a date to this postcard.

Looking down Detroit Street with the McCormack building on the left.

Looking down Detroit Street with the McCormack building on the left. [1]

Since most of the obvious date indicators in this postcard start in 1927, I will use 1930 a rough date for this postcard. The building on the left with the Purol gas pump in the front at one time house a general store operated by my great-grandfather, William E. McCormack. At the end of the buildings is another Purol gas pump and I think it maybe in front of the store (at one time) operated by William S. Hemingway, the older brother of my great-grandmother, Lavina Jane (Hemingway) McCormack, William’s second wife.

I hope you learned something new and thanks for stopping by!


1. Postcard of Detroit Street in Otter Lake, Michigan, , 2015, privately held by Jeff Ford , [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2015


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