New Otter Lake Postcards Pt. II

I am finally getting around to continuing the series on my Otter Lake postcard collection. But this postcard really isn’t about the McCormacks. The “marquee” is for the Hemingways. They were a local family big in the Otter Lake area. 

The W. S. Hemingway store

The W. S. Hemingway store [1]

The W. S. here would be William Sohmer Hemingway, the older brother of my great-grandmother Lavina (Hemingway) McCormack. I believe that I can make one identification in the picture above. Comparing the man at the corner of the front of the building to other pictures I have of the Hemingway clan I believe that the man is W. S. Hemingway. The one thing that I don’t know about this picture is the date. If the man at the corner of the store is indeed William S. Hemingway, then he was born in 1872. Then I am guessing that this picture was taken about 1900 to 1910. Maybe. In 1907, due to a lighting strike and explosion due to dynamite being stored in the building, the building was destroyed. So, I have narrowed the time period down to sometime before 1907. For a local tie-in, William’s sister, Lavina and her family lived two or three blocks to the left of the store as you look at it.

Thanks for stopping by and even though this post really wasn’t about the McCormacks, I hope you learned something interesting!


1. Postcard of the W. S. Hemingway store in Otter Lake, Michigan, 2015, privately held by Jeff Ford, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2015


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