April’s McCormack Odds & Ends

I had intended to post these announcements separately, but I delayed. What I would like to share with you is the birthday of my granduncle, Merle Hemingway McCormack, the birthday of his Aunt, Maria “Minnie” Bedina (McCormack) Barnes and the marriage of his Aunt, Deliliah Elizabeth (McCormack) Addy.

First, I would like “announce” the birthday of Merle Hemingway McCormack. He was born on 18 Apr 1900 in Otter Lake, Michigan [1]. Merle would have been one hundred and fifteen years old! Happy birthday, Uncle Merle! All of my information says Otter Lake and therefore I assume that when it said that he was born in Otter Lake that it meant that he was born at his father’s (William E. McCormack) house.

Merle, Ruth and Alta McCormack

Merle, Ruth and Alta McCormack [3]

This picture is of the children of William E. McCormack and his (second) wife, Lavina Jane (Hemingway) McCormack. I don’t believe that I have an exact date that the picture was taken but I am guessing that it was taken around 1907. I assume that because of Merle’s younger sister, Ruth looks about 3 years old.

He would grow up and attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He would later marry Lois Muriel Baker. After that marriage, he would go to work for her father at Baker College and just before his death, Merle would be the President of Baker Business.

Next, I would like to share the birthday of my second great-grandaunt, Maria “Minnie” Bedina McCormack. She was born on 16 Apr 1867 in Ypsilanti, Michigan[4]. Her parents were Michael and Catherine McCormack, my great-great-grandparents. I don’t have any photos of her and I haven’t been able to find out more than some of the basic life information. I know she was married Charles E. Barnes, a sailor and ship captain on the Great Lakes. She was the mother to two children, but only one survived childhood. She spent her last years living with her younger sister, Katherine (McCormack) Ingleright in Niles, Michigan. She died on 11 Dec 1963. Even though she died after I was born (26 Nov 1961), I never met her and didn’t know about her until the early 1990’s. Had she survived, “Minnie” would have been one hundred and forty-five years old. Happy Birthday, Aunt “Minnie”!

Finally, I would like to tell you about the marriage of Deliliah Elizabeth McCormack.She was married on 19 Apr 1881[5]. Here is the front page of the newspaper that her marriage announcement appeared.

A newspaper notice of Delilah's wedding

A newspaper notice of Delilah’s wedding

The transcription of her wedding announcement states;



Addy—McCORMAC—At the residence of the bride, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. John Wilson, Mr. SMITH ADDY and MISS DELIA ELIZA McCORMAC, both of this city.

Smith Addy was born in Leeds, England in 1851.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something new!


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2 thoughts on “April’s McCormack Odds & Ends

    • Yes, but very distantly. In fact, Merle’s maternal grandfather was Ernest Hemingway. But NOT that one. Merle’s grandfather’s full name was Ernest Needham Hemingway. I am a 5th cousin 8x removed or something like that.


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