In Rememberance of . . . .

This isn’t going to make it in time, but I wanted to remember my cousin (she was actually my first cousin once removed), Margaret Lorriane (Coon) Asprin. I am sorry to say that I never met Lorriane or any of her family even though her family lived in the same southeast Michigan area that I grew up in. Our common ancestor was my great-grandfather William E. McCormack. Lorriane is descended from William’s first wife, Lura Grace Roys. William was Lorriane’s grandfather.

Margaret Lorriane Coon Asprin's passport picture

Margaret Lorriane Coon Asprin’s passport picture

This was Lorriane’s obituary that was written at a memorial webpage;

She was born November 12, 1917. She died April 5, 2011 at her residence at the Hillside Retirement center. Lorraine was the youngest of three sisters, and grew up in St. Johns, MI. She married Daniel Dacanay Asprin in May 1941 and the two settled in Ann Arbor, MI. They had two children. An avid reader and educated woman, Lorraine returned to school when her children started their schooling, earning a bachelor’s degree and eventually a Master’s in Special Education from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1958. She was a dedicated teacher, and led a sixth grade classroom in the Ann Arbor school system until she retired. After retiring, Lorraine enjoyed reading, knitting, and visits with her grandchildren. She was an active and enthusiastic member of St. Clare’s Episcopal Church. Lorraine is survived by her daughter, her grandchildren, and her five great-grandsons.

I would like to thank you for stopping by and I hope you learned something about the McCormack family!


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