A picture of my grandfather!

Late Sunday afternoon, my cousin Mike sent me a couple of pictures. Several months ago, I asked him if he had any pictures of our grandfather. He said he didn’t but his mom might and that he would let me know if he find anything. The first one was a picture of my grandfather, Aubrey Benton Ford. The second picture was of me when I was about two and half months old. It is the first picture that I am writing about.

After decades of not knowing what my grandfather looked like, I do now! There are three reasons that I never met or saw pictures of him. The first, he died about 16 months after I was born. The second reason is that he and my grandmother, Alta McCormack Ford, were divorced in 1954. Finally, the last reason was that my father and grandfather were very estranged from each other.

This picture features my grandfather, Aubrey Benton Ford and his grandson, Michael Ford.

Grandpa Ford and Mike

Grandpa Ford and Mike

As the writing on the picture says, this picture was taken in July 1960. I asked my cousin about the date at the top of the picture. He told me that the picture was taken in July 1960 but developed in Jan 1961.

As I sit here looking at this picture writing this post, I can’t help wondering what my grandfather was thinking while holding one of his grandsons. Did he regret any of his past? I may never know.

I would like to thank my cousin Mike very much for this picture. Without help like my cousin Mike provided, I can not do much. So I very much appreciate his help and anyone that helps me. Thanks again!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


1. picture of Aubrey Ford and Mike Ford, , 2015, privately held by Jeff Ford , [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2015


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