Happy 2nd Anniversary!

It was today, 2 years ago, that the Otter Lake Express burst onto the genealogy blogging universe! Happy Anniversary!

First of all, I want to thank everyone and anyone that has helped me in many ways to blog and research the family of Michael McCormack. There is NO way that one person could do as much as I have without the much appreciated assistance of the living members of the extended McCormack clan. I don’t want to mention any names because I will certainly forget someone and I don’t want to forget anyone.

Someone once asked me why I blog and research the McCormack family? One reason that I do this is because of people like my great-grand uncle Frank J. McCormack. Why in particular him? Well, he and his wife both died at an “young” age. He was 52 and she was 48. The big reason is that they died childless and thus had no one to tell their story once they passed away. I want them to be remembered. There are other stories that I could tell. One story is about Elizabeth J. McCormack, the widow of Edward James McCormack. He died during the winter of 1898. Elizabeth was pregnant with their sixth child and had 4 other children waiting on her. She went onto raise five children by herself in the woods of northern lower Michigan. Then when she was in her late 60s, one of her daughters died and she had to “adopt” and raise her two granddaughters. Then there is Maria “Minnie” McCormack Barnes. In the fall of 1900, her first child fell ill and died a horrible death. The person signing the death certificate? Her brother-in-law, Leon R. Ingleright.

Those are just some of the reasons why I blog and research the family of Michael McCormack. Thanks again to all those that have helped in some manner. Your efforts on my behalf and the behalf of our common ancestors are much appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by!


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