Family Treasures: Another “Before & After” picture – Lucille and Edith Marie McCormack as young girls

I would like to share another photo that I got from my cousin Lance. This is a photo that I digitally “fixed” in Photoshop. the young girls in the photo are Lucille Mae and Edith Marie McCormack, daughters of (Thomas) Henry McCormack, son of Michael and Catherine McCormack. When I got the pictures from Lance, the “working” title was Edith Marie and Lucille about 1906. Here is the before picture;

Lucille & Edith Marie McCormack (Old)

As you can see that there is obvious physical damage and discoloration to the picture. Just a short primer on what I did; I use multiple layers such as Exposure (2), Curves and Black & White. For tools, I used the Spot Healing Brush, the Clone Stamp among many others routine PS tools.

Here is the “finished” product (I have some finer detail work to do but generally, this picture is “finished”);

Lucille & Edith Marie McCormack about 1906

In my personal opinion, this is a much improved picture of the McCormack girls. As I said earlier, the initial working title was Edith Marie and Lucille about 1906I changed the title to reflect the order of the girls in the picture. My new title is Lucille and Edith Marie McCormack about 1906. I talked to my cousin Lance about the order and the date. Lucille, on the left, was born in 1896 and Edith Marie was born in 1899. If the date of 1906 was correct, both girls would have to look a bit older than the title suggests. I think we both agreed that the picture was taken probably about 1903-5. I’m thinking maybe about 1904.

I have more pictures that I got from Lance and I hope over the coming year that I can share them with you. I think pictures like this one and others that I got from my cousin Lance deserve to be share and celebrated. Thanks again to Lance for sharing this one and the other pictures with me and with you too!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


1. picture of Lucille McCormack and Fred Crozier, , 2014, privately held by Lance Andrewsen, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Salt Lake City, Utah, 2014


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