Belated November McCormack family birthdays!

I know that it isn’t November any more, but I still wanted to remember the following people because if you are forgotten you are truly dead and I don’t want these people to be forgotten. So I apologize to them and to my readers for not getting this post done when I should have.

Here are the November birthdays that happened in the McCormack family.

Last Name, First & Mid Name                                        Birth Date                      Birth Place

Coon                         Margaret Lorriane                          12 Nov 1917                    Dewitt, Michigan
Dornauf                   Elizabeth Petronella                       12 Nov 1866                Weisbaden, Germany
McCormack            Arthur A.                                             14 Nov 1861                    London, Canada
McCormack            Edward James                                   21 Nov 1856                    London, Canada
McCormack            Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette               3 Nov 1917                     Sparks, Nevada
McCormack            Grace Ellen                                        24 Nov 1885                   Ypsilanti, Michigan
McCormack            Katherine Fidelia                             26 Nov 1870                   Ypsilanti, Michigan
Naugle                     Margaret Iseman                             4 Nov 1864                       Pennsylvania
Smith                        Suzanne Mae                                   16 Nov 1929                     Sioux City, Iowa

I know that I previously posted about Betty McCormack and Katherine McCormack for their birthdays, so I won’t talk about them here. But please visit their posts. They were both incredible ladies.

There are a couple of people that I would like to briefly talk about here. Both are sons of Michael and Catherine (Payne) McCormack, my great-great grandparents.

It is Edward (James) McCormack. I have very little information about him. He was the younger brother to my great grandfather, William E. McCormack. Edward and his father, Michael, both bought land in northern Lower Michigan. Edward was the only one who stayed up there. Edward was married to, IMHO, very incredible woman, Elizabeth Jane Dimick. I wrote about her in these posts, Celebrating Women’s History Month – Elizabeth J. (Rohr) Dimmick McCormack and Tombstone Tuesday – Elizabeth J. McCormack and Stationary Sunday – The McCormack General Store of Mio, Michigan. Back to Edward. From what I gathered about him, Edward was a farmer up in northern Michigan. I don’t know when it happened, but sometime after he died, the land that he bought was sold or lost by his widow. Unfortunately, during the winter of 1898, 15 Feb, he died. From what I was told by his granddaughter, he caught a cold and died when it worsened. I don’t know much else about him. I don’t even have a picture of him. Happy belated birthday, great-granduncle Edward!

The second person is Edward’s (and William’s) younger brother, Arthur McCormack. Here is the one picture I have of him;

Arthur McCormack at the family reunion in Otter Lake, Michigan.

Arthur McCormack at the family reunion in Otter Lake, Michigan.

I know a little more about Uncle Arthur but not much. Except for his older brother William, he was born like the rest of his brothers in London, Canada. From the old telephone directories I have been able to find, I know that he held many jobs during his lifetime. For a long time, he and his wife, Elizabeth Dornauf, lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also lived in Detroit, Michigan for a while. I also know that he and Elizabeth had no children that lived. So it is left to me, I guess, to remember him. Like his brother, Edward, Arthur died too young in my opinion. He died on 13 Feb 1933 of a cerebral hemorrhage in Chicago, Illinois. A weird coincidence I just noticed is that Arthur died almost 35 years after Edward. Happy belated birthday, great-granduncle Arthur!

Thanks for stopping and reading this post. I hope you learned something new about the McCormack family.


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