What was Michael’s middle name?

What was my great-great grandfather, Michael McCormack, middle name? That is a question that I have struggled with for a long time. A few nights ago, I was talking to a FB (Facebook) friend about the McCormacks, we both share a McCormack history. I think I happen to mention that Michael’s middle name or initial, at least, was “M.” He asked me what the “M” stood for and I told him that I don’t know. I explained that Michael only used it a couple or three times and NEVER wrote out what the “M” stood for.

For quite a long time, I didn’t think he had one. Or at least one that was ever recorded. Then I found a document or two that indicated his middle initial was “M.” Here is my first document. It is a part of his land grant application;

Michael's  use of his middle initial

Michael’s use of his middle initial [1]

You can see that he used twice in this document, once near the top of the page and the second time in his signature near the middle of the page. Unfortunately, that is my only example that I can find at the moment. I think that I might have one or two more examples, but I can not find them at this time. My friend, who might be a distant relative, asked if the “M” might stand for Martin. As I previously mentioned, Michael rarely gave his middle initial much less his middle name. Michael had a son named John Michael, but that was the only use of the “M” among his sons. If it was Martin, then it was never used in the family.

So, I am left wondering what the “M” stood for. Was it Martin? Or was it something else?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something. If you have an idea or suggestion, please drop me a note or something!




One thought on “What was Michael’s middle name?

  1. I just had a cousin, knowing that I am a HUGE John Wayne fan, suggest that Michael’s middle initial “M” may have stood for Marion. I hadn’t even thought of that name. If so, I could personally understand why, if Marion was Michael’s middle name, it was never used again or never written out.


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