Belated October McCormack Birthdays!

I know that it is November, but I still wanted to remember the following people because if you are forgotten you are truly dead and I don’t want these people to be forgotten.

Here are the October birthdays that happened in the McCormack family.

Last Name First & Mid Name        Birth Date                    Birth Place

Boston Mildred Francis                 2 Oct 1933                   Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Mildred was the first wife of Maurice L. McCormack, great grandson of Michael.

Woodbury Amos Lynn                   3 Oct 1880                   Somewhere in Ohio
Amos was the second husband of Grace Ellen McCormack Coon, the first granddaughter of Michael and Catherine.

Roys Lura Grace                               6 Oct 1858                   Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan
Lura was the first wife of William E. McCormack and also the mother of Grace Ellen.

McCormack Delilah Elizabeth      13 Oct 1854                 Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Delilah was the second child and first daughter of Michael and Catherine.

Waltz Charles Wayne                     23 Oct 1918                  Dent Twp., San Joaquin County, California
Charles was the husband of Gertrude “Betty” Jeanette McCormack, great granddaughter of Michael and Catherine.

McCormack William “Bill” D.        26 Oct 1925                   Reno, Washoe County, Nevada
William was the the sixth child and fifth son of Henry Peacock McCormack (grandson of Michael and Catherine.)

McCormack Arthur                         26 Oct 1890                  Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Arthur was son of Arthur (Sr.) McCormack, sixth child and fifth son of Michael and Catherine. I some reason to believe that Arthur (Jr.) was either stillborn or died the day he was born.

Happy belated birthday to all!


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