Happy Birthday, Delilah McCormack Addy!

Today is Deliliah (McCormack) Addy’s birthday! She would be 160 years old! Deliliah was born on 13 Oct 1854 in Kentucky. My connection to her is through my great grandfather, William. William was her older brother. That would make her my great grandaunt. I have some information that suggests she was born in or near Harrodsburg, KY where her parents (Michael and Catherine) were staying with her mother’s brother, William Payne. She was married on 19  Apr 1881 in Ypsilanti, Michigan to Smith Addy. Deliliah and Smith would have six children but unfortunately only two would live to adulthood. She and Smith would live for a while in Janesville, Wisconsin, then in Montmorency County, Michigan and finally in Schenectady, New York. On 18 Mar 1905, Deliliah would become ill and unfortunately die much too young. She is buried in Otter Lake, Michigan. I don’t have any pictures of her, but I would like to think that she was as pretty as her younger sister, Katherine (named after her mother). Her granddaughter gave me the Reunion picture taken at my great-grandfather’s house in Otter Lake.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Deliliah! (I hope I am spelling your name right!)


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