September Birthdays!

I know that it is pretty late to list the McCormack family September birthdays, but as they say, better late than never!

Last Name            First & Mid Name            Birth Date

Barnes                           Charles Eli                 Sep 1866  (husband of Maria “Minnie” McCormack)
McCormack                    Michael                  1 Sep 1824
Hassell                        Jewel Beatrice           4 Sep 1923  (wife of Robert Michael McCormack)
Davlin                        Kathleen Anne           7 Sep 1956  (wife of R. Tougeron)
McCormack                  Lucille May             8 Sep 1896  (first daughter of Henry McCormack)
Barnes                        Charles Arthur          9 Sep 1901  (second son of Minnie McCormack and Charles Barnes)
Bird                                   Paul Lloyd            9 Sep 1935  (son of Edith Marie McCormack)
Palmer                               Dudley B.          14 Sep 1900  (husband of Lura M. McCormack daughter of Edward McCormack)
Ford                             Richard Curtis        15 Sep 1937  (son of Alta McCormack and Aubrey Ford)
Ellingham                            Roy D.              21 Sep 1895  (husband of Lura Coon daughter of Grace Ellen McCormack)
McCormack                Ethel Rebecca       23 Sep 1928  (daughter of Henry Peacock McCormack)
McCormack                Dorothy Ellen       26 Sep 1940  (daughter of Henry Davis McCormack)
Ingleright                        Leon Ray            30 Sep 1870  (husband of Katherine Fidelia McCormack daughter of Michael McCormack)

Happy belated birthday to most and happy birthday to the rest!


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