May Birthday announcements!

These are the birthdays of the McCormack family that occurred in the month of May. Yes, I know I am late. Very late in fact! Such as been my work schedule! But I digress! I would love to give each of these people a separate post describing briefly their life. Before I had a chance to meet any of these people, each of these people sadly passed away except for Violet.

Happy Birthday to all!

Name                                                         Date of birth                   Place of birth

Addy, Katie S.                                          31 May 1887                   Janesville, Wisconsin
Katie was the daughter of Delilah Elizabeth McCormack and Smith Addy. Sadly, Katie would not live dying as an infant at her Uncle Edward farm in northern Michigan.

Ingleright, Violet Cassie                       10 May 1901                   Rose City, Michigan
Vi was the eldest child and only daughter of Katherine Fidelia McCormack and Leon Ray Ingleright. I had the very good fortune to meet her but not the genius to take a picture of her. She told me a brief story about her grandparents, Michael and Catherine. She told me that they only spoke Gaelic behind close doors and never in front of their children.

Keen, Jimmie D.                                     18 May 1920                    Paris, Texas
Jimmie was the wife of James Archer McCormack Sr. She had three daughters and one son.

Lucas, Thomas Kendall                       17 May 1908                    unk.
Thomas was the second husband of Violet Ingleright.

McCormack, Henry Davis                   14 May 1916                    Sparks, Nevada
Henry, or HD as I called him, was the eldest son of Henry Peacock McCormack and Ethel Davis. Henry retired from the California Department of Transportation.

McCormack, Lura Maude                   26 May 1897                    Vienna Twp., Michigan
Lura was the daughter of Edward McCormack and Elizabeth Jane Dimmick. I believe that she was briefly a teacher in Mio, Michigan area before her death. She left two young girls who were raised by their grandmother, Elizabeth.

McCormack, Nella Mae                       30 May 1931                    Reno, Nevada
Nella was the eight child of Henry Peacock McCormack and Ethel Davis. From the pictures of her that I have seen, she had a smile that could light up an entire room. She left 3 sons and a husband.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


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