DNA testing disappointment

I have been trying for a long time to find out as close as I can as to where my great-great grandfather Michael McCormack came from. One of those ways is a Y-DNA test. One of the problems that I face is that I can’t take the test. God bless her, but if my grandmother, Michael’s granddaughter, were my grandfather I wouldn’t have a problem. My other option is to get one of Michael’s male descendants to take the test for me. My problem there is that I really don’t have a relationship with any of Michael’s male descendants. Well, I tried cold calling one of them tonight. I struck out. Bad. I called, I guess, at a bad time. Second, he didn’t sound receptive to my problem. So, the conversation didn’t last too long. Now I am off to try another one of Michael’s male descendants. Wish me better luck next time!


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