April Birthday announcements!

These are the birthdays of the McCormack family that occurred in the month of April. I tried to publish this at the beginning of the month but my work schedule really prevented me from during so. I apologize to the people listed below, to their families and my readers. I fully intended to give each person a day of their own. I really “hate” doing a group birthday post.

Bird                           John Caraway                      2 Apr 1898            Meadville, PA
John was the father of Paul L. Bird and husband to Edith Marie McCormack, the second daughter to (Thomas) Henry McCormack. John would have been 116 years old.

McCormack            John Michael                       7 Apr 1860            London, Canada
John Michael was the fourth child of Michael and Catherine. John Michael was a very successful businessman in Reno, Nevada during the 1890s and from 1900 to early 1920s.

McCormack            Patrick J.                               7 Apr 1860            London, Canada
I believe his name was Patrick. He and John Michael were twins. Patrick, as I call him, died of consumption (or known today as Tuberculosis) at the early age of just 7 months old.

Baldwin                   Cora Anna                            7 Apr 1868            Watertown, NY
Cora was married to Frank James McCormack, the eighth child and seventh son of Michael and Catherine. She died without having any children.

McCormack            Mae Ethel                           11 Apr 1888            Albert Township, MI
Mae Ethel was the first child and daughter of Edward James and Elizabeth Jane (Dimmick) McCormack. Mae was a teacher in northern Lower Michigan.

McCormack            Gertrude                             11 Apr 1898            Reno, NV
Again, I believe Gertrude was her name. Gertrude never had a chance to live because she was stillborn.

McCormack            Maria “Minnie” Bedina   16 Apr 1867            Ypsilanti, MI
Maria was ninth child and second daughter of Michael and Catherine. She was married to Charles Barnes, a Great Lakes captain. She was the mother of two children. The first child was named Charles Harold Barnes. Her second child was named Charles/Carl Arthur Barnes. Other than keeping house, I am not sure what Maria or Minnie as she was commonly called did for a living.

McCormack            Merle Hemingway           18 Apr 1900            Otter Lake, MI
Merle was the first child and only son of William E. and Lavina (Hemingway) McCormack. Merle was a graduate of the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Merle was married twice, first to Lois Baker and last to Margaret Yale. Merle died childless. He was the President of Baker Business College located in Flint, Michigan.

McCormack, Sr.    James Archer                    18 Apr 1922            Newcastle, CA
James was the fourth child and third son of Henry Peacock and Ethel (Davis) McCormack. He was supposed born on the side of the road on the way to the local hospital. He was in the Merchant Marines during WWII.

Peacock                   Gertrude Angeline            22 Apr 1865            Dayton, NV
Gertrude was the wife of John Michael McCormack. She had one surviving child, Henry Peacock McCormack. For a number of years, she helped John Michael to run a hotel in Reno, Nevada.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned and got something out of this!


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