March Birthdays!

I was supposed to get these birthday announcements up at the beginning of the month, but as I mentioned a month ago, my work schedule really limits my posting. I apologize to all my followers and readers.

For the month of March, the following people of the McCormack family have birthdays;

Last Name First & Mid Name Birth Date

Coon, Kathryn Elizabeth “Betty” 11 Mar 1916
Kathryn would have been 98 years old. Kathryn was the daughter of Grace Ellen (McCormack) and Alfred Rinehart Coon.

Addy, Robert Henry 16 Mar 1891
Robert would have been 123 years old. Robert was the son of Delilah Elizabeth (McCormack) and Smith Addy.

Murphy, Margaret Williams 17 Mar 1908
Margaret would have been 98 years old. She was the wife of Leon R. “Doc” Ingleright II.

McCormack, Edith Marie 18 Mar 1899
Edith would have been 115 years old. Margaret was the daughter of (Thomas) Henry and Minnie (Van Wormer) McCormack.

McCormack, William Edward 31 Mar 1890
William would have been 124 years old at the end of this month. William was the son of Edward and Elizabeth (Dimmick) McCormack.


Happy Birthday to all! I hope that I have done something to keep the memories of those people alive. Thanks for stopping by and I hope  you learned something.


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