The search for the parents of Charles Barnes – An update

Back on November 8th (of 2013), I wrote the post, A death certificate dead end?. It was about my search for the parents of Charles Barnes who I believe is the second son of Maria “Minnie” Bedila McCormack and Charles E. Barnes. Last time, I wrote about requesting and getting a death certificate copy for this Charles Barnes. I had some hope that it would tell me who his parents were. I previously had obtained his obituary and it didn’t mention any relatives at all [1]. None! When I looked at the death certificate, the word “UNKNOWN” were typed in the parent boxes [2]. In short, the death certificate didn’t tell me anything either.

So, I turned to requesting his Social Security application. On the 29th of November (2013), I mailed a request for Charles Barnes’s Social Security application. On January 16th, I received a letter from the Social Security Administration stating that they had received my request and would be processing it as soon as possible. The letter was dated the 9th of January, a week prior. As of January 17th, my check had NOT cleared. At least they have my request and perhaps in a month or so I may receive Charles Barnes’s Social Security application. Whenever I receive another update, I will post it as soon as I can.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


1.) “Charles A. Barnes,” obituary, 17 June 1972, Bay City Times (Bay City, Michigan), page 3-B, col. 6, digital image.
2.) Bay City, Bay County, Michigan, Michigan Department of Health, death certificate, state #34390 (local #D-1093), 19 Jun 1972, Charles Barnes, Vital Records Section, Lansing.


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