My Grandma’s divorce

As I was growing up there was just my grandmother. No mention of my grandfather until I was much older or perhaps at home when grandma wasn’t around. When I got older, stories about my grandfather started to emerge. I knew from “family” stories that my grandfather was no saint. Now I have official confirmation on it.

My Grandmother's divorce certificae

My Grandmother’s divorce certificate [1]

Now I can say “officially” that my grandfather was a sinner.

Ok, now we should look at the certificate and see what we can learn. This is what we can learn;

1. My grandfather’s name. Yes, I “knew” from various census records but there names can be misspelled or outright wrong.
2. The exact date of my grandparents marriage. I knew it was in 1932, but did not when exactly when.
3. The exact date of their divorce. I knew from asking my father that it was in 1954.
4. The reason for the divorce. No wonder I rarely heard stories about him.

What I didn’t learn;

5. My grandfather’s FULL name. I knew his first name. I have conflicting sources for his middle name.
6. The date or place of his birth.
7. The names of his parents. I don’t have anything official that states the names of his parents other than various census records.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something.


1. Michigan Department of Health, divorce certificate no. 15599(1954), Alta L. Ford; Vital Records Section, Lansing.


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