Michael as a postmaster?

For today’s post, I would like to share something I found last night. Last night, while on Facebook, I was reading a post on Ancestry.com’s page. The poster was asking for help in finding a certain page for the second time. The first time they had found via one of Ancestry’s leaf hints. For some reason I thought I would try it too. I went to the card catalog and typed in “postmasters.” I already knew that my great-grandfather, William E. McCormack was a postmaster in Otter Lake, Michigan. I really thought that I would just find something that I already had linked up to William. What I wasn’t ready for was that I would find something out about William’s father, Michael (great great-grandfather). What I found out was that Michael was a postmaster in Idlewild, Montmorency County, Michigan. Here is the proof;

Michael McCormack's appointment as Postmaster

Michael McCormack’s appointment as Postmaster [1]

This helps to explain some of the time that Michael spent in northern Michigan. I also have another file to show you. This picture shows the historical location of the Idlewild Post Office;

The location of the Idlewild Post Office

The location of the Idlewild Post Office

As you can see from the picture that the location wasn’t too far away from McCormack Lake and the McCormack homestead at the time. This is all very exciting for me since I had no idea that Michael had any other occupation other than farmer or laborer that listed on the census. I did some more searching and found this book, “Michigan Place Names : The History of the Founding and the Naming of More Than Five Thousand Past and Present Michigan Communities on Google Books. It said that the Idlewild Post Office was a special supply post office that was located in Albert Township [2]. Now I have to research just what is a “special supply post office.”

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something new! I did!

P.S.  What I also learned or saw was Michael’s middle initial of M. I have only seen it used maybe a half-dozen times at most. Thanks again!


1. “Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-Sept. 30, 1971,” database, Ancestry.com (http://www.search.ancestry.com : accessed 13 Oct 2013), entry for Michael M. McCormack, appointment as postmaster for the Idlewild Post Office, 12 Jun 1884

2. Walter Romig, Michigan Place Names: The History of the Founding and the Naming of More Than Five Thousand Past and Present Michigan Communities (Detroit, Michigan: For Wayne State University Press, 1986), Pg. 281, digital images, Google Books (http://www.google.com/books ; accessed 13 Oct 2013).


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