AncestryDNA news – Not yet!

The other day I wrote about a possible match because of an AncestryDNA test. I wrote that I was excited to look at this member’s tree because of their Irish connection. Well, I got access to their tree and looked around. I didn’t see any immediate or obvious connection. Then I got thinking about the term, “fourth cousin.” I opened up my genealogy software application, Reunion, made up a sample family and a sample tree. When I made the tree, it showed that our common ancestor was Michael’s father, Patrick. The biggest thing that I came to realize is that in order for the other member and I to prove or show the connection we have to show that Michael McCormack, my great great-grandfather had some brothers or sisters. That is also our biggest problem. Besides being barely able to prove Michael’s life, I do NOT have any information on any brothers or sisters to Michael.

So, until “we” can prove a connection to Patrick and then Michael, our attempt at proving the fourth cousin connection is going nowhere.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something!


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