A “New” postcard

Today, I would like to share something that I “rediscovered” over the weekend. I was going through some of the “stuff” that I have and I found this postcard. I thought it was a picture.

I believe I got the postcard from the granddaughter of Grace (McCormack) Coon Woodbury. Grace was the eldest daughter of William E. McCormack of Otter Lake, Michigan from his first marriage. In the second picture, the “your father” referenced is Alfred Rinehart Coon (d. 19180. I also believe that Grace, my grand-aunt, was speaking to her youngest daughter, Margaret.

Our First House

Our First House [1]

Postcard (Back)

Postcard (Back) [1]

Since I got my postcard protectors, I can properly display this valuable postcard.

Thanks for stopping by!


1. Coon family house postcard, , date unk., privately held by Jeff Ford, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2009


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