Tombstone Tuesday – Delilah E. Addy

For today’s Tombstone Tuesday post, I would like to share the picture of the tombstone of my great grand-aunt, Delilah Elizabeth (McCormack) Addy. She is buried in the McCormack family plot in the Otter Lake Cemetery in Otter Lake, Michigan.

the tombstone of Delilah E (McCormack) Addy

the tombstone of Delilah E (McCormack) Addy [1]

What  I can tell you about her is that she died, I am guessing, unexpectedly, in Schenectady, New York. I am only guessing on why she is buried in Otter Lake rather than Schenectady where her immediate family was. The reason I am guessing is that her parents, Michael and Catherine (especially) and older brother, William were living all in Otter Lake. My (unsourced) notes state that she died of Lobar pneumonia.

This is about all I have for Delilah. I wish I had more about her.

Thanks for stopping by!


1. photo of the tombstone of Delilah E. (McCormack) Addy, , 2008, privately held by Jeff Ford, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Lebanon, Tennessee, 2008


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