Friday’s Faces From the Past – HP and the cat

For today’s Friday’s Faces From the Past post, I would like to post this picture of my first cousin twice removed, Henry Peacock “HP” McCormack.

HP and the cat

HP and the cat [1]

I don’t have a date for the picture, but “HP” was born in 1891 so make your date guesses from that point. I was told by his daughter that her father wasn’t too fond of cats and she was surprised that he would have taken a picture with a cat. One thing about the picture is that you can see what looks like cloth markings. I know that at one point of photography that pictures were made with cloth or something like that. The texture is very hard to “remove”.

Thanks for stopping by!


1. H.P. McCormack, undated photograph, in a Patricia (McCormack) Eisenbraun Scrapbook, ca. 1900s, privately held by Mrs. Patricia Eisenbraun, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Oceanside, California, 2013


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