Census Sunday – Elizabeth P. McCormack & the 1940 census

For today’s Census Sunday post, I would like to post about Elizabeth Petronella (Dornauf) McCormack. Elizabeth was the widow of Arthur A. McCormack. Arthur died in 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. We find Elizabeth still living in the same place that she shared with Arthur when he was alive.

1940 census

1940 census [1]

Here is the portion of the census that we are really concerned about;

1940 census snippet

1940 census snippet [1]

She was enumerated on the 15th of April 1940. The extracted information for the household is;

Line #,  street name, house number, # in order of visitation, Owned (O) or Rented (R), abode value, household or farm, NAME, Relation, Sex, Color of race, Age, marital status, attended school, highest grade, Place of birth, citizenship of foreign-born, residence in 1935, on a farm, work – private or public, public works program, seeking work, housework or other, hours worked per week, occupation, industry, class of worker, # of weeks worked in 1939, wages earned, receive $50 other sources.

76, Rosemont, 1400, 341, R, 45, Elizabeth McCormack, Head, F, W, 73, Wid, No, 8, Germany, No, Same House, N, N, N, N, U, , , , , , 0, 0, NO

We didn’t learn anything really surprising in the information supplied either for or by Elizabeth. We can wonder why she didn’t leave Chicago after Arthur’s death and move in with some relative.  She would do just that although many years later. She had two sisters-in-law (Katherine and Minnie) in nearby Niles, Michigan. Two brothers-in-law, Henry in Ithaca, Michigan and William in Otter Lake, Michigan. She also had a widowed sister-in-law living in northern Michigan also named Elizabeth. I can also understand why she stayed. After all, when Arthur passed away, she was about 66 years old which even now is considered for most, retirement age. I also wonder how she maintained her lifestyle after Arthur’s death. I never knew her to have an employable skill.

She was another relative that I wish I could have met. I want to meet them all!

Thanks for stopping by!


1. 1940 United States Federal Census, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, population schedule, Ward 49, ED 103-3186, family 341, Elizabeth P. (Dornauf) McCormack, digital image, Ancestry.com, http://search.ancestry.com/, accessed 11 Sep 2012, citing Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1940. T627, 4,643 rolls.


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