Goodbye to a member of the family

Today, I would like to depart from the “normal” range of things that genealogists and family historians post about. Almost all the time, at least that I have seen, genealogy blogs talk about censuses, photos of people and houses, stories about what great granddad did. What we miss, IMHO, is to talk about valued members of the family that are not people. That is, the animals that share our homes. The animals, perhaps certain ranch animals or pets that live with us.

I would like to talk about the passing of one of my sister’s dogs, a Great Pyrenees named “Chief.” He was put down on Thursday. She had two Great Pyrenees. I called them my sister’s polar bears because of their large size and white coat.

Chief on one of his "thrones" (back of van).

Chief on one of his “thrones” (back of van).

I remember a couple of stories about Chief. One time, when I was visiting my sister, she and her husband took off for the day. Some how Chief got out. He bolted down the half mile long dirt “driveway.” I took off after him. I found him in front of the neighbor’s house. Another time, shortly after they got him, a delivery truck drove up. It took all I had to hold his leash to prevent him from going through the door after the delivery truck.

I know that my sister and all my nieces and nephews are upset at the loss of their beloved “Chief.” I will miss him too.

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