An Out of the Family post

This blog is about the family of Michael and Catherine McCormack. I try to tell the stories about various members of the McCormack clan either through pictures, documents and anything else that I can get a hold of. Today, I would like to post about someone not in the McCormack family. I would like to honor Lura Waldo Cameron. She is a member of my mother’s family. She was my mother’s aunt. This September, Lura would have 100 years old.

Lura Waldo Cameron

Lura Waldo Cameron

Unfortunately, Aunt Lura, as I called her, passed away on June 12, 2013. She was a real character. She was still very coherent at the very end. As a family historian, I mourn her passing because of the stories that won’t be told. She is survived by two sisters, Lois and Joanne. I remember all the family gatherings that were held at her house in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She was four years old when the First World War started for the United States. She was about 15 when the Great Depression started.

God Bless you Aunt Lura.


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