Sharing Saturday – William E. McCormack’s Baptismal record

Today, I would like to share the baptismal record for my great grandfather, William E. McCormack.

William McCormack's Baptismal Record

William McCormack’s Baptismal Record [1]

There is one very interesting item to note here. It is the spelling of both his and his father, Michael’s last name. I think almost of every other record of any kind, their last name is spelled McCormack. Here it is MacCormack. A second interesting item is the last name of the sponsor/informant, Doyle. I don’t know the relationship of them. They could be brother and sister or husband and wife. Either way, they were most likely friends of William’s parents, Michael and Catherine. A final item of note here is the spelling of Catherine’s maiden name, Paine. I have seen it spelled two ways, Payne or Paine.


1. “Baptismal/Birth Records for Ireland,” William E. McCormack, digital image,


3 thoughts on “Sharing Saturday – William E. McCormack’s Baptismal record

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