Sharing Saturday – Delilah McCormack wedding notice

Today, I would like to share a digital image of the newspaper that contained an announcement of Delilah McCormack’s wedding.

A newspaper notice of Delilah's wedding

A newspaper notice of Delilah’s wedding [1]

One piece of information that I get is the name of the minister performing the marriage, Rev. John Wilson. I also see that the newspaper, I presume, spells the bride’s first (Delia) and last name (McCormac) slightly differently than usual. It also gives her middle name, Eliza. It also states that she was married at her residence. She was only married less than a year after the 1880 census. Therefore, I am presuming that she was married at her parent’s home. At the time of her marriage, Delilah was 26 years 6 months old. her new husband, Smith Addy, was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 4 Jul 1851 which would make him 29 years 9 months old.


1. “Delilah E. McCormack ,” wedding announcement, Ypsilanti (Michigan) Commercial, 23 Apr 1882, pg. 1, col 5.


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