Wednesday’s Child(ren)

Today, I would like to do a variation on today’s theme. Instead of just one child and their headstone, I would like to honor a group of children. I also don’t have any pictures of their graves or gravestones. The children that I would like to honor are

Maud E. Addy, b. 31 Jan 1882 d. 16 Oct 1882
Sarah May Addy, b. 15 Feb 1883 d. 16 Sep 1884
Katie S. Addy, b. 31 May 1887 d. 20 Nov 1888
Suray Vey Addy, b. 23 Aug 1888 d. 1890

Their mother was Delilah Elizabeth McCormack Addy. I don’t know where Maud and Katie are buried. Sarah May is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Janesville, Wisconsin. I think Sarah is buried in the paupers section of Oak Hill. I don’t know where Suray Vey is buried because I don’t know where her parents where at the time. Delilah did have two children that did live into adulthood.

God Bless the infant Addy children.



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