Census Sunday – Family Gathering on the Porch – The 1900 Census

The other day I posted a discussion about Michael and Catherine McCormack, their granddaughter, Violet Ingleright and a couple of pictures. In the post, I mentioned the 1900 United States Census because it supported a statement that I made about Violet’s parents living with her grandparents. Today, I want to show that census.

1900 United States Census

1900 United States Census [1]

The McCormack/Ingleright household

The McCormack/Ingleright household

They were enumerated on the 8th and 9th of June 1900. The extracted information for the household is;

name, relation, color of race, sex, date of birth, age, martial status, years married, # of children, # of children living, place of birth, place of birth father, place of birth mother, year of immigration, # of years in U.S., naturalization, occupation, attended school, read, write, speak English, own or rent, owned free or mortgage, farm or house

1. Michael McCormack, Head, White, male, Sep 1824, 75, married, 46, [born in] Ireland, father and mother of foreign birth [Ireland], 1853, 47, NA, farm laborer, Y, Y, Y, O, H.
2. Catherine McCormack, wife, white, female, Jun 1825, 74, married, 46, 11, 8, [born in] Ireland, father and mother of foreign birth [Ireland], 1853, 47, Y, Y, Y.
3. Catherine Engleright, daughter, white, female, Nov 1870, 29, married, 0, Michigan, father and mother of foreign birth [Ireland], Y, Y, Y.
4. Leon R, son-in-law, white, male, Sep 1870, 29, married, 0, Michigan, Michigan, Indiana, physician, Y, Y, Y.

Some possible conflicts that come from this census is Catherine’s date of birth. Her headstone says 1824. Her death certificate says 1824. The same problem arises with Michael. His headstone says 1823. His death certificate says 1824. Oh, there is one more “conflict” for Catherine, the elder. In the 11th number column, it says that Catherine was the mother of 11 children. I know of 10 children. In the 1910 census, the enumerator says that she is the mother of 10 children. There are two conflicts for Catherine, the daughter. First, is her name. I believe she spelled her name with a K not a C. The second conflict is a really a mistake by the enumerator in spelling of her and her husband’s last name. The enumerator writes it as Engbright. It is Ingleright.

One thing that I don’t know from this census or anywhere else, is where Michael and Catherine lived in Otter Lake, Michigan. It just doesn’t say on the census form because it doesn’t state a street or road. My only hope is that someone that lives in Otter Lake today might recognize the house.



1. 1900 United States Federal Census, Otter Lake, Marathon Township, Lapeer County, Michigan, population schedule, ED 43, Pg. 7B, dwelling 173, family 173, Michael McCormack, digital image, Ancestry.com, http://search.ancestry.com, accessed 6 Feb 2011, citing Twelfth Census of the United States, 1900. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1900. T623, 1854 rolls.


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