Thankful Thursday – Thanks Doc!

Today, I would like to thank someone that helped me tremendously in finding more relatives and stories. That person is Maurice Leroy “Doc” McCormack. What he did was that he opened me to all the grandchildren, great grandchildren and others of John Michael and Gertrude McCormack.

Maurice "Doc" McCormack (1933 - 2009)

Maurice “Doc” McCormack (1933 – 2009)

I never got the chance to meet him before he died. He lived too far away and most of all, unfortunately, too ill to travel. I found his name somehow. I don’t remember exactly. I think it was through the Anyway, I wrote to him out of the blue and he replied. He said that he wasn’t into his family history or genealogy, but that his younger sister was. He forwarded my name to her. From that, I have traveled west three times to their version of a family reunion, McBash. From that, I have learned many stories that I otherwise might not have learned. From that, I have met lots of wonderful people that I am glad that I have met. As I mentioned earlier, he died. He lived in the Bishop area of California. Not too far away from Lone Pine. Just a little about him. His father was Henry Peacock McCormack, the only surviving child of John Michael and Gertrude. He was one of ten children of Henry and Ethel (Davis) McCormack.

Thanks, Doc! I am sorry that we never got to met in person.


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